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Lady Bader Ambassadors

It is with pleasure that the Edith Ellen Foundation launch our press release stating that the Family of Sir Douglas Bader and Lady Bader have allowed us to use Lady Bader’s Legacy to promote our Ambassador’s Befriending services.  

From now onwards our Befriending Ambassadors will be known as the “Lady Bader Ambassadors”. A tribute to her, her husband’s and their family’s dedication to the lives of others.  

They will also carry their own designated logo – a Dandelion with our Purple Butterfly and floating dandelions in the wind – signifying the Ambassador’s ability to send the seed of friendship and companionship towards our Veteran service men and women.  

Lady Bader’s Legacy is of a very special significance, because of the relevance to her own journey through various unsuitable care home systems towards the end of her life.  Had she been able to have the opportunity for your companionship and a caring listening ear, she would not have been so lonely or so bored, and would have had someone outside of her family to turn to intrust and for confidence and understanding when she had her feelings of sadness and being isolated within care.  

This also stands true now for so many of the Veterans still in the care systems, and why more of our current military personnel are need to volunteer their dedication to the needs for our former servicemen and women.  

Now the Foundation can begin to extend our Befriending Services in Norfolk and beyond, as we have been talking to other Armed Services and their Organisations who have also shown an interest in promoting the two-way benefits of volunteering for this role. 

To really introduce this development to our local community, we are organising a dinner dance at the Mercure Hotel . One of the RAF Charities has agreed to match any fund raising on the day.  

The Edith Ellen Foundation know that some of you are in and out of the UK, and that all of you are pulled in so many other directions in pursuit of protecting our Great Nation, but please would you all support us, as we would really appreciate your help in re-launching this scheme, even if you cannot take an active part in being yourselves, a Lady Bader Ambassador.