Supporting People

Supporting People

eee-5Starting in the care home sector, the Foundation is supporting care providers, together with all their people and families, by developing the values of a consistent approach to better care and building a successful caring team.

Using the principles of Holistic Kindness in Care as a defined business model, the Foundation qualitatively evaluates Kindness and proactively maps improved outcomes in the lives of the people in their care, to grow their confidence and trust in provider services.

Its principles asks how well management care groups and their management leadership are kind to themselves, kind to their staff and kind to the people they look after, through values of

  • Knowing their staff
  • Sharing vision, goals and communications in care that value support and nurtures a trust base relationship between management and staff, and which creates and sustain an effective degree of autonomy and responsibility in front line care
  • Resourcing new initiatives and partnerships to continuing developing strong, meaningful purpose and flexible exceptional Core Branding
  • Linking the quality of their care to knowing and understanding the people they care for, and which show personal approaches that allow people in care as much independence as possible, to continue with the connections to their lifestyles, families, friends and local communities.

The Foundation provides supports and aids the development of consistent multifaceted leadership and cohesive team work that effectively communicates and nurtures a safe transfer of services. To encourage and grow a prosperous line management, that will influence, empower, improved and connected Nursing and Care together within the consistency of a National Standard.

Our support focuses on improving engaged relationships of understanding, respect and support between management leadership and staff teamwork, and people and their families. The Foundation looks to share the effective use of best practices tools, skills and information, and building connections with community networks and partnerships, to improve the consistency, accountability, profitability and sustainability of all the care industry.

Although the Foundation may not have all the answers, it does believe that it holds the essential key strategy and policies that will link management leadership and teams to successful care. It develops satisfactory, sustainable and robust outcomes and benefits that will support everyone, People and their Families, Care Providers, Care Group Chains, CCG’s, Local Authority Services and associated Charities and Organisations.