Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Kindness in Care is about a more caring approach, seeing, listening and communicating with people as an individual, and not to assume any aspect of their care needs and wishes, caring for older people in care homes and the community as they would like. 

It is also about trying to find out why, people are lonely and anxious, how to bring human understanding and contact that is unique to them, to allow them to take control of their own personal fears and frustrations, and to acknowledge the long-term well-being and self-worth people in care so rightly deserve.

One of the Edith Ellen’s main concerns is the individual social isolation experienced by so many people in social care. The Edith Ellen, as a truly independent organisation, works to provide the ideal base for consulting, supporting and connecting with local partnerships within communities. It seeks for everyone to share in better relationships and actions which influence kinder practices attitudes and approaches, and for strengthening people’s abilities to continue with their lives in social care.

Recognising that many people’s voices in social care remain silent or more likely to be ignored, (particularly people in care homes behind those closed doors), and might be separated from their past abilities and lifestyles and relationships with their families, friends and their local community, the Edith Ellen set about helping to establishing solutions to loneliness. The Edith Ellen has started to build links that engage and focus on supporting and connecting internal and external hubs of befriending, and shared expertise around communities for all those that deliver and receive care.

By helping people to benefit from the depth of our knowledge, experience, the innovative tools that we have introduced and the authentic relationships we continually engage and build, the Edith Ellen seeks to promote enhanced links and access within the care community to the integrated services that are vital in the support and improved outcomes of people’s wellbeing and self-value.

Seeing the painful difficulties experience by people trying to achieve any improvements in their complex heath conditions, (including those with any form of sensory deprivation), Kindness in Care is a care culture that links the benefits of enhanced partnerships working together and sharing connections, (such as speech and physiotherapy, welfare and the services of other essential charities and organisations). The Edith Ellen enhances the bonds with the essential services people want and need in care, from their local community and national services.

Community engaging and supportive partnership is that essential two-way drive for changing and uniting attitudes towards Kindness in Care, and so important if all people are to have the indispensable carers that heal the body and the mind. It brings together a better understanding of people with more genuine care and by all sharing these benefits will ultimately influence a care ethos that in the UK that will be second to none.