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A small £5 donation will enable us to ensure that we can support 2 people in the local community for seven days. 

You can help now by giving to our campaign! When you make a gift, you will instantly receive a profile of one of the Older People whose lives are being transformed by our programs. 

Help us send our experts in Dementia Care & Relationship-Centre Care into the Local Community to support Carers and Families. 

Here at the Edith Ellen Foundation we are consistently working to raising awareness and change the standard of care, through our networks. Your donation will ensure that we are able to continue, develop and sustain our services of Training, Befriending, Activities and Our Kindness Audit. 

Research shows that loneliness can contribute to serious mental and physical health problems, which require costly health and social care interventions, The Edith Ellen Foundation are an effective intervention we are community-based and utilise volunteers 

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You can also donate by cheque. Please make cheques payable to

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The Edith Ellen Foundation
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Every penny raised by the Edith Ellen Foundation and our supporters goes towards:

 **Reproduction of Information and Materials which are free to Service Users and their Families** 

**Future Activities for our Dementia and Alzheimer Users**

 **Promotional Materials**

 **Volunteer Training**

 **Befriending and Mentoring Training**

 **Service Users Improvements**