Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The bigger the problem

The greater the opportunity to ensure that human warmth, compassion and kindness is sustainable in all social care services

The Edith Ellen aims to create a necessary guarantee for people’s safety and involvement in leading their own care. To encourage people receiving care to retained links to their independence, individuality, well-being and self-worth, by having continuous ties to their former life styles, families and friends and to forge new companionships, connections and partnerships in the local community, if they so choose.

The whole ethos of the Edith Ellen has the one focus, to seek and develop a UK Standard of Excellence and Consistency in attitudes and approaches to outstanding Kindness in Care, which is right for us, our loved ones and for the needs of future generations, and which will be successful in leading the rest of the world.

The Edith Ellen understands that to achieve this, we all must work together, in an environment where everyone involved in those relationships are free to give of their best.