Inspiring Change

Inspiring Change

The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care identifies, celebrates and shares good practices. It is that good news story that everyone needs in UK social care today and for tomorrow.

It is putting the Pride back into caring by allowing all those involved in delivering and receiving care to be consulted. It encourages care to be varied, shaped, developed and planned around people not routines, so that everyone, including staff has a better and less stressful day, every day.

The Foundation assists in taking away the straight jacket in nursing and care by supporting and motivating a provision of dedicated Holistic Kindness in Care services that warrants safety, independence and freedom to express views and opinions without fear. It works to encourage people to recognise, with confidence, that they can decide and expect to lead their own requirements in their care management and treatments, for the continuation of the own lifestyles.

The Self-assessment and provisional Kindness Audit* is a practical means for service providers to establish their own model for a working care programme. To assess their own satisfactory engagement within their own front line services, and empower a convincing delivery and improvement for support, education, training and sustainable outcomes within their own nursing and care services.

The Foundation’s development programme for care providers looks to influence improved and consistent respect, shared values and communications between management leadership and staff teams, and outcomes of improved engagement, satisfaction and success. It stimulates a management ethos of internal trust and good relationships that support and retain good quality staff, improves staff self-esteem and confidence, reduces their stress and frustrations and allows staff to have the best out of caring.

It seeks to continuously develop improved caring systems for providers through research and new initiatives.

By promoting Holistic Kindness in Care, the Foundation is pursuing an understanding of the importance of good communications between management and staff, and those being cared for, and in knowing that stimulating active engagement, conversations and retained links with others receiving care, their family, friends and their local community, will bring care that is enjoyable, sustainable and profitable for all.