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The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Vision of Kindness in Care

The Edith Ellen Foundation believes that the provision of outstanding care should be the objective of every provider; the receipt of outstanding care should be the right of every individual who needs it. 

We believe in dignity and respect for the elderly and compassion in care. We provide valuable, inspirational dignity in care resources that address needs of isolation, emotional pain, grief and loss.  

We want to encourage you to be the best carers to older people that you can be, with a more caring approach caring for older people in care homes and the community as they would like.

The Edith Ellen, volunteer run and lead, is a not for profit Charity, we rely on the kindness of others to enable our work.

Starting in Care Homes but equally practical and helpful throughout all social care systems, it is a valuable support resource for bringing people together and improving their care and work surroundings.

Born out of a critical need to seek fresh ideas to return trust, safety and the pride in caring to people, the Edith Ellen set about establishing a Kindness Audit that would provide a reflective and accurate understanding of how care is delivered, and to seek to develop a national approach to care that would engage, support, and benefit everyone.