Befriending Services


The Edith Ellen launched their Lady Bader Ambassadors, a team of volunteer befrienders in 2017.

Lady Bader Ambassadors are predominantly current serving military personnel who are supporting veterans within their local care community, care homes and nursing homes.

The Lady Bader Ambassador uses the Floating Dandelion as their symbol of respect to both serving and retired service men and women and their families. As a “BRAT” myself this is the official military flower. It symbolises that the plant can put root down anywhere, and is almost impossible to get rid of. The plant itself is unpretentious, yet beautiful and has a habit of being where you least expect, it is a survivor. The great thing about dandelions is that, even though they are considered a “weed”, they do not take nutrients from their surroundings. Dandelions do not dare to be the submissive plant, nor the dominant plant. They live as equals in their surroundings. Look at the grass around the dandelion. Is it not just as green as it was before? The grass and the dandelion live side by side. When a dandelion is plucked and a wish is made as the seeds are tenderly blown, the seeds float on the wind, finding a new home. There, the seeds find a new home and flourish, living side by side with their new neighbours. Only a dandelion can understand another dandelion and the journey the dandelion has been on. That is the military Brat and their families. Only Brats and Forces personnel know what other Brats and veterans endure and feel. Only they understand. No matter how many degrees a civilian hold, the life is one that one MUST live…MUST experience to fully understand. The Armed Forces and their families will, like we are trained, help others…unnoticed and unheralded. After all, it is our “job”.

The Edith Ellen is actively operating and working alongside other regulatory bodies, charities and organisations to:

  • Improve the consistency of an outstanding care culture by empower the voices of all people receiving and delivering health and social care
  • Inspire clear understanding and alliances between all those involved in this relationship
  • Put kindness and a spark of life at the heart of all nursing and care services
  • Bring proactive fresh ideas and a different approach to support advice guidance that will sustain and improve the consistency of nation and regional health and social care.Lady Bader Ambassadors are the Edith Ellen Ambassadors. They use their experiences gained from their visits sympathetically, productively and effectively and to:
  • Drive up the standards of Befriending to a national consistency in Kindness
  • Combine effective information gathering with their own abilities, skills and capabilities to develop networks, partnerships and associations to share best practices that prevent social isolation of our people in care
  • Be available as a standard source of advice and guidance to sign post where necessary people and their families to welfare, benefits and other services, organisations and charities, to make all our frail and vulnerable people’s lives more valued and respected.Lady Bader Ambassadors are very conscious that they are entering people’s personal space, their “home” environment and indeed into their actual lives, therefore, at all times they conduct themselves with the highest levels of friendliness, courtesy and professionalism.  They are also very aware of the requirement for staff in the care home to be able to carrying on with their own duties during their friendship visits.

    Lady Bader Ambassadors will take their lead primarily from listening to the views of staff, people and their families in the care services who know residents’ complex health conditions, likes, dislikes and lifestyles.

    To become a Lady Bader Ambassador please contact the Edith Ellen Foundation offices for an application.