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The Foundation’s Vision of Holistic Kindness in Care

The Edith Ellen Foundation believes that the provision of outstanding care should be the objective of every provider; the receipt of outstanding care should be the right of every individual who needs it.

The Foundation, volunteer run and lead, is a not for profit Charity. Starting in Care Homes but equally practical and helpful throughout all social care systems, it is a valuable support resource for bringing people together and improving their care and work surroundings.

Born out of a critical need to seek fresh ideas to return trust, safety and the pride in caring to people, the Foundation set about establishing  a Kindness Audit that would provide a reflective and accurate understanding of how care is delivered, and to seek to develop a national approach to care that would engage, support, and benefit everyone.

The sound principles that the Edith Ellen Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care proposes identifies, celebrates and shares best care practice, and enables an enhanced support for the accomplished skills, attitudes and approaches that are needed for care services to be dedicated to people’s individual care needs and wishes, and make care genuinely happen.

Care, which going forward throughout the entire care industry, aids education and support for consistent and trusted care, by bringing a true understanding and appreciation of who people are as individuals, and time, respect and encouragement for them to become involved in their own care relationships.

The Foundation will always promote care that stands out, and is delivered with genuine understanding, warmth and sincerity in a friendly, homely relaxed setting for all. Particularly for residents in care homes, who are, in the main, our forgotten people.

We endorse care where people, regardless of their age, gender and beliefs, are truly understood, counselled, valued and feel free to speak out without fear of bullying, intimidation and retribution, and are never inhibited crushed, suppressed or socially isolated by their care.

Within the Foundation we believe that the keys to eradicate any unsafe services and failings at organisational level, and for a National Culture of Kindness where understanding, respect and value for people is reciprocal at the heart of any nursing and care services, care should:

  • Ensure attitudes, habits and approaches to people uphold the principle of kindness
  • Design services and connect partnerships around people through an overall standard of consistent dedication and commitment by all management and staff to effective communication and working together in trusted relationships and harmony
  • Promote One Standard, One Structure that everyone understands to Certify carers that are valued and celebrated for their Pride and Career in Caring

The Edith Ellen Foundation exists because we all deserve better care. Together, through involving and supporting everyone delivering and receiving care, the Foundations Purple Butterfly is the signature of a meaningful holistic healing in care, for all people.

The bigger the problem-

The greater the opportunity to ensure that human warmth, compassion and kindness is sustainable in all social care services

The Foundation aims to create a necessary guarantee for people’s safety and involvement in leading their own care. To encourage people receiving care to retained links to their independence, individuality, well-being and self-worth, by having continuous ties to their former life styles, families and friends and to forge new companionships, connections and partnerships in the local community, if they so choose.

The whole ethos of the Foundation has the one focus, to seek and develop a UK Standard of Excellence and Consistency in attitudes and approaches to outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care, which is right for us, our loved ones and for the needs of future generations, and which will be successful in leading the rest of the world.

The Foundation understands that to achieve this, we all have to work together, in an environment where everyone involved in those relationships are free to give of their best.