Fundraising, Sponsorship and Donations

Fundraising, Sponsorship and Donations

When someone is ill, whether it is you or a family member we watch, we listen and we learn about what is going on around us.

In the race for advances in medicine and science, when it has forgotten about people’s individuality, and passes by, or leaves many behind without the kindness dignity and respect that they deserve, we can’t help but to start asking, is this really the best we can do?

Previous attempts to redress concerns that health and care systems are not integrated, not improved, not consistent and certainly not focused on the people delivering and receiving their service, have been proven not to work. It is not therefore, difficult to reason that a new fresh approach to improving nursing and care is desperately needed.

That is why the Edith Ellen Foundation, is so special, so ground breaking, so proactive not reactive, and so precious; because it comes straight from the heart and it is bringing everyone together! It represents all your views your opinions and what you all want for today and for the future.

Now through the Foundation, it is all of us, who now have the opportunity to make consistent and beneficial improvements to all nursing and care services, in any setting, across the UK.

This Foundation is everyone’s vision for our future health and social care. We will know an Edith Ellen or will be an Edith Ellen, if people are not already. We all need to be cherished and cared for at some stage in our lives.

The Foundation is a free support resource for all. We do however rely on others generosity to help meet the cost of running it.

Your donation, however modest, will always be gratefully accepted. It will help us maintain, improve and expand our service, and will always be used to enhance the quality of Holistic Kindness in Care for all our frail and vulnerable people.

We have recognised the following key funding streams and intend to maximise each opportunity and would so appreciate your help with the following:

  • Grant funding
  • Fundraising – Edith Ellen Events- Your own innovative ones – May be with matched giving
  • Partnerships
  • Philanthropic giving and philanthropic work based / task based support, to include professional advice, services and expertise.
  • Sponsorship
  • Research project based funding