Our Story

Our Story

Everyone will know an Edith Ellen, or be an Edith Ellen, if they are not already!

At some stage in our lives we will need care that is trusted, sincere and kind, but unfortunately as a consistent standard, this cannot be guaranteed in all nursing and care services.

By the Care Quality Commission’s own admissions during 2015, 53 care homes were closed by the CQC and 41% of community-based adult social care services, hospice services and residential social care services inspected since last October were inadequate or required improvement.

The Foundation believes that if all care services reflected best practices and high standards of Holistic Kindness in Care attitudes and approaches, it would eradicate most of the abuse, neglect, and social isolation still being found in some services. Prevention not reaction is the answer to more improved and consistent care.

In any industry staff will struggle to be motivated, or to do what they want to do best, if they don’t always receive the value, support and training from their own work environment. They will lose confidence in their own skills, management leadership, and in the direction of their organisation.

The Foundation appreciates that good care workers are undervalued and, in the main, go unrecognised in the caring community and it understands in today’s highly fragile care economy, services cannot afford to risk their own future, by not nurturing and growing those caring people who dedicated their care for others.

The Foundation questions:

Why should we accept anything less than good nursing and care experience every time, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones and our future generations?

How best can we rediscover and deliver that truly personalised understanding and support that is so badly needed and indeed, what we should all expect?

What can we do better to ensure a culture that cements leadership and responsibility with team autonomy which will result in dedicated attitudes, personal approaches and connection, and in the consistent quality of excellence in all of our nursing and social care?

But equally how best can we celebrate all that is good in our integrated care professionals and their services?

The Edith Ellen Foundation is the voices of the people with our own personal journeys delivering and receiving care through the good and the bad experiences, wishing to be valued as individuals and to have equal relationship in care that is right for people’s independent needs and wishes.

The Foundation intends to bring a proactive way and fresh lifeline to supporting something too precious to lose, the outstanding care that everyone has a stake in and to develop a consistent system of care that we all might proudly acknowledge as a world leader, Holistic Kindness in Care, and its unrivalled Care Givers.