Our Ambitions

Our Ambitions

Holistic Kindness in Care as the one Strategy for bringing everyone together to
Make Care a Great Place to Work and Be Cared In

Industry Standards in the care sector are currently under review to provide a training that meets the National Qualification Framework requirements.

Here, at the Edith Ellen Foundation we aim to improve these standards through a holistic approach and with a complex accredited training programme.

We aim to see a change in how care givers are supported within their career through re-introducing the Nightingale style of nursing as Edith Ellen Carers and Edith Ellen Nurses. And by introducing a Certification in professional competencies (CPC), which will require regular updated training to ensure that standards are met.

The term ‘person-centred care’ is used to refer to many different principles and activities, and there is no single agreed definition of the concept.

This is partly because person-centred care is still an emerging and evolving area. It is also because, if care is to be person centred, then what it looks like will depend on the needs, circumstances and preferences of the individual receiving care.

What is important to one person in their health care may be unnecessary, or even undesirable, to another. It may also change over time, as the individual’s needs change.

Instead of offering a concise but inevitably limited definition, the Edith Ellen Foundation has identified a framework that comprises five principles of national Person-Centred Care:

  1. Affording people Kindness value, dignity, compassion and respect.
  2. Offering coordinated and consistent care, support or treatment.
  3. Offering personalised care, support or treatment.
  4. Supporting people to recognise and develop their own strengths, abilities and self-worth to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life.
  5. A need for continuous connections to family, friends, local community services, partnerships and organisations.

The goal of the Foundation is to establish an advanced enhanced and healthier Holistic Kindness in Care culture for everyone in the UK. It intends to do so by providing the recognised and valued Edith Ellen Carers, quality trained in holistically healing the body and mind and supporting a meaningful purpose and delivery of Person -Centred Care in a caring industry that will lead the rest of the world.