Confidence in Services

Confidence in Services

Holistic Kindness in Care- installing confidence in the direction of organisations and management leadership

The heavy responsibilities and pressures in the assessment, training and provision for nursing and care services, coupled with a consistent lack of value, support and recognition for all the staff that are providing excellent care, has in many cases, specifically reflected in staff attitudes.

It has affected the culture of nursing and care, and is the main reason why we have seen many good carers demotivated and forced to leave the care industry.

The Foundation believes that the crisis in care that we all face, might simply be summarised, as failings in the desire to change to effective business models, and failings for management and operational leadership to link the quality and culture of care to effective support, education and training for all their front line staff.

Our overall focus therefore, is to lead the way in providing the solutions to many of the disrespectful care problems that are escalating the crisis, by introducing Holistic Kindness in Care as being influential in motivating a consistent culture of unified interaction, involvement and development, for improvements in care that everyone respects and celebrates.

The Foundation has built on its Kindness Audit, and developed a Strategy and Policies that seeks to manage trust based relationships between management leadership and staff. Through a proactive and consistent business system focused on the value and respect of people, delivering and receiving care as individuals, and their feelings, fears and anxieties. This process complements the clinical needs of care.

The Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care Strategy will equally apply in any sector of health and social care and will re-balance the scales of safety, confidence and pride in the caring services.

Our Team seeks to implement dedicated care with effective support for training, and providing confident, accomplished and acclaimed carers. Staff Teams with Holistic Kindness in care skills, kinder practices, attitudes and approaches that bonds the quality of care to the benefits for all in an advanced and healthier holistic culture.