Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Using Holistic Kindness in Care to protect the interests of everyone and secure the future in consistent understanding and outstanding care.


Over a period of time people have witnessed that the Pride in Caring for people was being lost; it simply is not addressing the necessity to understand, value and respect people, and despite many promises that “Lesson have been learned” care is neither improving nor consistent across the UK

Balancing the philosophical side of caring, against the stark financial restrain of the current and future health and social care economy in care is never easy.

The Edith Ellen Foundation recognizes the difficulties that a commercial business approach to caring means in reality, and that most care sectors are struggling to meet necessary financial and legal obligations and their responsibilities to their management and staff, and the people and families they look after.

However listening to the voices of those delivering and receiving care, there is one Key element in all of this that would re-balance both sides of any care pendulum and stop it sliding further into crisis, and that is – A culture of Care with Kindness.

The Foundation introduced a methodical Kindness Audit, to capture and report a detailed insight on the perceptions and thoughts of the people in care, their families, and of management and staff. From the resulting outcomes, it determines the standard of success in delivering attitudes and approaches to kindness, in a care provider’s service, and where, if necessary, the Edith Ellen Foundation might be able to provide valuable assistance and support.

From this framework the Foundation can work together with care providers to help introduce a business action plan and model for a revitalised Holistic Kindness in Care Strategy, with progressive polices and fresh ideas for commercial success, that supports and favours a sustainable culture and reputation for those caring people that dedicate their Care for others.

Where people within the care environment are safe and all receive a kindly consideration of the whole person, Physically, Psychologically, Socially and Spiritually.