Validation and Verification

Validation and Verification

The Kindness Audit – probing the level of Holistic Kindness in Care

The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Kindness Audit offers an in-depth validation, and a balanced assessment, of care services. Conducted over two days, it methodically defines the heart of Holistic Kindness in Care in management leadership and team work. From

  • Listening and recording the opinions and views of staff and people and family members during our visits.
  • Matching these against management’s own self-assessment, to confirm that each overview of the eleven controls within the Kindness Audit is truly delivered every day.
  • Witnessing the level of care deliver undertaken from the skilled assessment carried out by the Foundation’s team of trained and competent Volunteers
  • Throughout the Audit our Volunteers are required to identifying and share any best practices which are seen to offers others the help to improve their holistic Kindness in care services.

All the information and evidence collated, from staff and those using their services or their family, is gathered is in confidence, integrity and trust, to ensure that no names are recorded or released from those taking part in expressing their views.

The final phase of the assessment is supported by the aspects of Holistic Kindness in Care and compassion fundamentally witnessed as delivered and received during the remainder of the Foundation’s visit.

Once all four sections of the assessment have been matched against all the responses and the Foundations observations, the final weighted percentage score and validation of nursing and care services will automatically be generated and the Kindness Audit complete.

Verification and the Kindness Audit are provisionally shared with care providers on the day the Audit is conclude. Findings are reporting in detail in a Private and Confidential Development Plan; prepared in the context of a helpful and supportive management document to aid and empower a culture change dedicated to KINDNESS.