Self Assessment

Self Assessment

How much is really understood about how nursing and care services truly work?

The Edith Ellen Foundation has developed a Self-assessment and provisional Kindness Audit as a practical means for service providers to establish their own model for a working programme to improve delivery within their own services.

It will assess their engagement within their front line services, and empower convincing deliveries and improvements for education, training and sustainable outcomes within their own nursing and care services.

It is an opportunity for service providers to put their own mirror image up within those services to document and measure clear evidence of their own strengths and self-sufficiency in outstanding systems of leadership, management and staff teams working together.

This provides a reliable and consistent benchmark and working document that can be used for measuring, and influencing internal factors which might lead to any feelings of fear, or abuse and neglect in the people that they are caring for, and to swiftly identify, prevent and eradicate this, in any part of the culture within their services.

But this also looks at outcomes of improved satisfaction and success, and what truly matters within the equal relationships between those delivering and receiving service, and what guarantees a positive individual nursing and caring experiences every time.

Importantly it is the recognition and external promotion of internal quality systems and practises for all that is good in their own nursing and care services, which might be shared with other Holistic Kindness in Care operations to increase an Outstanding Care Industry in the UK.