Quality of the Audit

Quality of the Audit

The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Kindness Audit is an evidence-based programme, which asks during our visit and interviews with people, their families and their care providers the following key questions:

  • How well does staff know the needs of the individual people being cared for?
  • Are people being recognised, respected, valued and empowered as individuals, encouraged to be as independent as possible, and acting on their own wishes and choices?
  • What is the evidence to confirm that are people listen to, and given time to respond in a safe setting where understanding, empathy and a good nursing and care experience every time is paramount and consistently being delivered?
  • Has care has become complacent due to the routines of care, and is it ignoring or assuming the basic needs of the people in their care?
  • How well Management Leadership and Staff teams work together in trusted relationships to provide a genuine receipt, attitude and approach of Individual Holistic Kindness in Care
  • How well does this service prevent people from being isolated and disconnected from their lifestyles, families, friends and local community, including their essential services, organisations, societies and charities?
  • What is the differential in this service that promotes a culture that allows everyone to give and receive the best in care?

Within the criteria of this programme the environment is assessed for its:

  • Safe, Warmth, Relaxed Ambiance
  • Friendly and Calm Atmospheres
  • Protective Dedication and Support
  • Staff being Influential in Providing Outstanding Care
  • Acclaimed Holistic Carers delivering Kindness in Care
  • Great Place to Work and Care for People

The Foundation offers it support and builds authentic relationships and connectedness in the spirit of providing any help that might be necessary to improve care services and its environment to ensure people’s comfort and encouragement to retain their ability and confidence, and their identity and individuality.

If any care witnessed is deficient the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of care by working with everyone to bring the confidence back to the direction of the service, management leadership and their teams, and return the pride in delivering best practice in caring.

The Foundation has a stringent policy on evidence of any form of abuse and neglect.