People and their Families

People and their Families

Dedicated to people in care and their families, the Edith Ellen Foundation will help to offer a genuine receipt of individual person centred care – kindly consideration of the whole person, physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

Holistic Kindness in Care is where care primarily supports that people’s wishes are truly reflected in the sensitive management of those people’s own continued independence, and in their own individual choice and control over doing what they choose to do, when they want to do, with whom they want to do it with, in the place or environment which they want.

The Foundation intends to make care safe and trusted again, to bring back spontaneity, pleasure, comfort and a meaningful time spent in care. By ensuring all care services continuously value people as individuals and deliver on increased well-being and self-worth for our frail and vulnerable people, to enable them to have a life worth living.

To continuingly developing Holistic Care where there is kindness as the support, and not the “straight jacket”, that restrains and restricts a person’s individual ability to be themselves and able to continue to be part of normal life as much as possible.

Its benefits of a Care environment where people receive:

    • A good Care Experience Always
    • Trust
    • Respect and Sincerity
    • Individual Value as a Person
    • Time Understanding and Empathy
    • Comfort and Encouragement to get Better
    • Well Being and Self-Worth
    • Equal Relationships and Two Way Dialogue with Involvement, Own Choices and Control
    • Independence, Retained Ability and Confidence Improved Mobility and Flexibility
    • Stimulation and Spontaneity, Retained Identity and Individuality
    • Good Nutrition
    • Support from Outside Integrated Care
    • Social Inclusion for Everyone, Retained Lifestyles and Connections, Friendship and Companionship
    • Counselling, Holistic Therapies, Sharing New Skills and Hobbies
    • Intergeneration Understanding and Respect
    • Warmth and A Relaxed Homely Environment
    • Friendly and Calm Atmospheres
    • Protective Dedication and Support
    • A Life Worth Living
    • Care with Kindness

The Foundations’ Holistic Kindness in Care, and our proposed Holistic Edith Ellen Carers bring a consistent standard of excellence in the understanding of, and the dedication to, the people they look after. Where care is championing people as individuals, and their collective voices are heard, to ensure humane internal and external connections for their safety, continued independence and community inclusion.

Aiming to stamp out any abuse, neglect and social isolation, the Foundation works to benefit all our frail vulnerable people, as all should be cherished. To recognise and celebrate who they are, and what they have done for their families and their communities, and to harness the Holistic Kindness in Care to the Outstanding Care that we will all deserve, and need in the future.