Integrated Services

Integrated Services

The Foundation is dedication to all integrated care. To assist CCG’s Local Authorities, Social Care, Assoc. Charities, Organisation and Associations have success in designing services around people, delivering closer less fragmented integrated partnerships and to connect Holistic Kindness in Care to cost savings and efficiency.

Most health systems have found it difficult to address their needs appropriately, in part because care delivery is often fragmented and mainly because of poor communication.

It is not easy to create interaction between the health system and social services that prevents our frail and vulnerable people from “fall through the cracks” when neither side are helping frustrated people in care to understands how to navigate among the various providers and there is no one person who can help them find the essential services they require.

The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Kindness Audit was introduced as a quantitative assurance too, to assist a thoughtful self-evaluation and validation against all nursing and care systems, to support, connect and confirm the uniform delivery of care services. It allows management and staff to empathetically reflect on the provision of their services and to ask:

  • Is this truly good enough and do we truly listen?
  • Are we all working together in unison?
  • Do we always ensure it is our people, not routines which are put at the front of nursing and care?
  • Do we do it every day?
  • What more can we do together to improve the prevention of people from isolation and falling into crisis; equip people with more advanced signposting, communication and assisted technology; ensure people have better a diagnosis, and that they receive the right well-being, treatments and support in all care setting, whether in a care home, in domiciliary care, in hospital or visiting their GP or specialist practitioner.

The Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care is the unique standard for Health and Social Care to have a support resource and business model that will qualitatively evaluate and proactively improve the lives of the people we entrust into their care, and which will inspire other services to influence and empower one structure one standard for the recognition of outstanding care.

It perpetuates the Foundation’s objectives to offer Holistic Kindness in Care as recognition, and external promotion of internal quality systems and practises for all that is good in their own integrated services. This:

  • Demonstrates leadership and teams working together will ensure that people have an equal trusted relationship in and have personal control and choices over their own services.
  • Good quality relationships combined with a significant understanding of people’s true needs leads to positive and empathetic caring experiences for everyone, every time.

The Kindness Self-assessment and Validation Audit take a dual role in providing a level platform for improving the National consistency of nursing and care management leaderships and staff teams working together. It empowers a convincing delivery and improvement for support, education, training and sustainable outcomes within their own nursing and care services and throughout the UK.

  • It provides clarity, validation and support for true standards of Holistic Kindness in Care for all those delivering and receiving nursing and care.
  • It provides a practical opportunity for NHS and Social Service providers to establish their own model for a working programme to document and measure clear evidence of their own strengths and satisfactory engagement within their own front line services.

The Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care principles support a proactive restructure of consistent services delivering a common culture, better planning of services and raises the profile and value of the Individual and National Standard of a service which is dedicated to the people that they serve.

It looks to share understanding communications and best practices in management leadership and teams, and is promoting measured and continued improvements in the consistency of safe high quality Nursing and Care and outstanding holistic care services.

The Foundation builds trust, confidence and belief from people and their families, and in other services in the local community, that humane care exists and that NHS and Social Services are worthy of their love one’s and their families support and costs for the degree of care being delivered.

It advocates working together as a cohesive team, to inspiring attitudes of Kindness, which reduces the inequalities in health and social care and allows the connectedness and sense of a community inside integrated services that people in care seek.

The Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care supports management and staff to have a better working environment, they are more engaged, less exhausted from long hours and hard work. It reduces staff sickness, agency care and recruitment and attracts quality staff, and will encourage trust and more investments from their clients and families, and in local authority and social services where it guarantees cost savings and robust excellent services. staff they do employ will be exceptional carers, profitable for their business, the quality of care will encourage more investments from clients, and increased profits for their shareholders. staff they do employ will be exceptional carers, profitable for their business, the quality of care will encourage more investments from clients, and increased profits for their shareholders.

Holistic Kindness in Care benefits are a united community environment where there is:

  • Robust Growth with Improved and Sustainable Outcomes
  • Reductions in Pressure on Services
  • Cost Savings in Resources
  • Indication of Value for Money and for Increased Financial Incomes
  • Positive Community Engagement, Co-ordination and Decision Making Services
  • The Mechanism for Unity of Vision and Better Planning of Services, a Proactive Restructure of Consistent Services delivering a Common Culture, Continued Improvements and Consistency of Safe High Quality Nursing and Care and Reductions in Inequalities in Health and Social Care
  • Effective Management Leadership and Teams that are Connected Communicative and Enabled
  • Improved Care Pathways where it is easier to Gather Information to Improved Efficiency, Accountability and Avoidable Admissions to Hospitals, Reduce Confusion, Duplications, Delay ,Gaps in Services, and there is less likelihood People will be Lost in the Systems
  • Improved Trust and Relationships in Service that Boosters Staff Moral and Equality of Esteem because of Working Better with Staff Less Exhaustion from Working Hard and Long Hours
  • Person Trust, Confidence, Belief and Satisfaction in Integrated Services with Freedom to Inclusive Access to Services for Everyone and Significant Opportunities for People To Get Involved in Their Own Care
  • Bigger Impact on Integrated Care and on the Clarity of the Services Delivered Locally and Nationally by Bringing Everyone Together Continuous Support and Flexibility from Improved Shared Communications, Better Connections and Less Delay to Next Steps Support and treatments.
  • Bringing Better Understanding and More Genuine Care of People
  • Better Relationships Between Integrated Services and the Competitive Market
  • Influential in Designing and Delivering Improved Nursing and Care Services
  • Integrated Holistic Kindness in Care In the UK that is Second to None
  • Holistic Integrated Care Services Dedicated to People and Staff

Holistic Kindness in Care as a defined business that qualitatively evaluate Kindness and proactively maps improve outcomes in the lives of the people entrusted into their care. It inspires confidence and trust in provider services; provides supports and aids the development of consistent multifaceted leadership and cohesive team work; helps to nurture a safe transfer of services to grow a prosperous integrated care management; will influence and empower a national consistency of improved nursing and care services and will ensure the future of the UK care industry services in the economic crisis.