Exceptional Care Branding

Exceptional Care Branding

Holistic Kindness in Care is the trusted single point of contact for people, families, providing coordinated multi-disciplined care teams that are professionally observant, focused, innovative and motivated within an advanced enhanced and healthier Holistic Care Culture for all in the UK.

Prevention, not reaction is the answer to abuse and neglect and despite the copious assurances from those that will have us think otherwise, safety and trust are simply not happening, in all our care services.

Beneficial incentives, tools and capabilities are being smothered by indifferent and insensitive attitudes and approaches to people, that the Foundation has identified as systemic in care.

Therefore starting in care homes, the Foundation is supporting everyone by developing a One Standard, One Structure approach to Holistic Kindness in Care.

One that focuses on improved relationships, understanding and support between management leadership and staff teamwork, and people in care,  their families. With care services all sharing the effective use of best practices tools, skills and information, and from engaging with community networks to improve communications, consistency, accountability, profitability and sustainability of the care industry, as a whole.

The Foundation believes it holds an essential key strategy and significant policies that will bring fresh ideas to care, and for sustainable and consistent outcomes that will support the wellbeing and self- worth of all those delivering and receiving care, to create a necessary guarantee for the safety of all people in care and their families.

As such it looks to assist in improving the trust and provision of robust, dedicated and practical Holistic Kindness in Care. By guiding management and staff education toward proven attitudes and approaches that understand the overall benefits of professional caring. To provide a significant increase in the understanding of peoples own requirements, and the overall standard of consistency of outstanding nursing and care in all care settings, locally and nationally.

What makes the Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care different to any other is that its programme brings benefits for everyone, all the stakeholders in integrated care.

For the people receiving care, collectively, and at last, their voices will be heard, as they will be actively consulted and given guaranteed safety and involvement in leading their own independence, well-being, self-esteem, and individuality.

Within services where they will be encouraged to retain links to their former life styles, families and friends and forge new companionships, connections and partnerships in the local community. If they so wish. Safe in a warm, friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere and environment, surrounded by dedicated support, and continuing with a life worth living in Holistic Kindness in Care.

For the care providers, their management and staff working as a Edith Ellen Foundation Holistic team they are committed, connected, motivated, capable, confident, valued, respected, retained and acclaimed as rigorously protecting our frail and vulnerable loved ones.

For Care Group Chains they will gain recommendations, reputation, trust, long term growth, sustainability, and profitability for themselves and their shareholders.

For All CCG’s, Local Authorities, Integrated Services, connected Charities and Organisations Holistic Kindness in Care is value for money and a cost saving tool, with achievable reductions in pressure and costs on their resources and year on year growth in better outcomes and increased incomes.