Care Providers

Care Providers

Dedicated to Management and Staff, the Foundation will assist care providers to deliver internal and external support for Holistic Kindness in Care, in a work environment where management leadership is Kind to themselves, Kind to their Staff, and Kind to the People they look after.

By linking the quality and the culture of care to effective management leadership, and through building mutual humane respect within every platform of team coordination and communications, this will deliver improved benefits for all. Giving care services:

  • An increased reputation for a dedication to putting people first by a good understanding of the people in their care and delivery of an excellent experience every time for the people they look after
  • Staff working better- management and staff are more engaged, less exhausted from long hours and hard work
  • Consistent management systems for success, influential in providing outstanding care from acclaimed holistic care givers delivering Kindness in Care

Holistic Kindness in Care is kinder practice and secures not so random acts of kindness in the care services. It creates operations of improving management leadership and understanding in a culture of healthy respect, value and support for staff abilities and team skills. It brings all levels of management and staff together to deliver improved communications and relationships, and brings out the pride in all staff delivering the same level of consistent excellent and dedicated care.

Connected management and teams reduces staff sickness, agency care and recruitment and attracts quality staff. Successful and trusted care will encourage more investments from their clients in the individual care services when people and families, and the local authority and social services are looking for an assurance of outstanding care.

Working together as a cohesive team, inspiring attitudes of kindness reduces the inequalities in health and social care, and allows a connectedness and sense of a community within a better working environment. Staff will have a reputation as exceptional carers, profitable for their business, and  the quality of care will encourage more investments from clients, and increased profits for their shareholders.

Sharing best practices, understanding and promoting excellent Holistic Kindness in Care services raises the profile and value of the individual care providers, and of the national standard of a care industry which is dedicated to the people that they serve.

It builds the trust, confidence and belief from people and their families, and other services in the local community, that humane care exists and that this care is worthy of their love one’s and their families support and costs for the degree of care being delivered.

It brings increased profitability and sustainability for the care service, and raises the respect, status and profile of outstanding and unrivalled Holistic Kindness in Care Givers.

Holistic Kindness in Care is knowing, understanding, respecting and valuing each person in care as an individual. It is working better in a consistently positive environment and getting the best out of care all the time, by giving people independence, choices, time and fun. It changes the whole National perception of care by opening up avenues for people to receive advanced care technics and skills, in a motivated work environment that meets everyone’s needs for those delivering care.

Where the whole management leadership and staff team are dedicated to people, and are truly focused on total Holistic Kindness in Care for themselves and the people they care for. It is care that is safe, warm and honest in all its areas of shared involvement.

Through management and staff looking at caring relationships as two way benefits, and by kindly re-writing their care so that the whole ethos is Holistic Kindness in Care, it will attract new clients and quality staff, as everyone will have trust and confidence in the style and safety of outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care.

It brings back everyone’s pride in delivering excellent and dedicated care.

Its benefits for care management and staff are an environment where there is:

  • A Great Place to Work and Care for People
  • Trust Based Relationships between Management and Staff
  • Effective Leadership Presence, especially on the Front Line of Care
  • Leadership that Links Quality of Care to the Benefits for All
  • Effective and Attentive Management and Staff Teams Delivering Excellent Care Together
  • Leadership with Clear Goals and Messages through a Shared Vison that shows a Healthy Respect, Support and Engagement with All
  • Leadership that Connects, Communicating and Works in Harmony alongside Staff Teams in an Environment that endorses those Caring people that Dedicate their Care for Others
  • Dedicate to Building a thoughtful Reflection from Staff on understanding their Caring Purpose and Consistently Supportive Multifaceted Cohesive Leadership and Teams
  • Leadership committed to Improved Working Environments, less Staff Exhausted and Stress
  • Dual Motivation, Commitment and Complementary Encouragement Dedicated to Improved Responsibilities and Performance on the Front Line of Care
  • Effective Training providing Confident and Accomplished Holistic Skills and Unified Interaction, Involvement and Developments on Improvements for Care
  • Unified Commitment to Services that are dedicated to the People they Look After and the Belief that Everyone is Special, Everyone is Deserving of Self-Worth
  • Personal Approaches that Demonstrate Compassionate Listening and Understanding with Emphatic Understanding and Mediation for People’s Feelings, Fears, and Frustrations
  • Attentive Approaches that Understands and Supports People’s Needs
  • A Culture that Delivers a Positive Difference to People Coping with their Surroundings within Reflective Routines that Place People First and is dedicated to Time and Attention to Effort
  • Dedicated Management and Staff who Identify, Celebrate and Share Best Practice
  • An Environment Where People are Free to Give of Their Best
  • Confidence in Leadership and Direction of Organisation
  • Pride in Delivering Best Practice Caring
  • Influential in Providing Outstanding Care
  • Acclaimed Holistic Carers delivering Kindness in Care

Holistic Kindness in Care providers Champion connected and empowered communities working together, endorses the rights of people’s voices to be heard. It creates equal relationships and everyone’s social inclusion in holistic care, and will inspire clear understanding and alliances between all those involved.

Providers raise the bar on a blue print for a new standard of collective team work that shows responsible staff, with pride, belief and purpose in delivering enduring, enhanced and healthier outcomes, that truly connects with the vision of standing up for excellent individual care.

In turn Holistic Kindness in Care will raise the esteem, profile and long term sustainability of care providers, who’s outstanding and unrivalled Holistic Care Givers promote a clear determination to creatively shape and nurture a life in care, that supports trust, an outstanding healing environment, and an advanced enhanced and healthier culture, for people and their family, and the whole of the care industry.