Care Groups

Care Groups

As the entire care industry begins to recognise it will not be easy to dispose of any care home properties to free up their core brand’s assets, care chains faces greater ongoing financial pressures.

The burdens of caring for an aging population and the intense scrutiny to improve performance from Regulatory Bodies, local Commissioning Boards, Health Scrutiny Committees, and a wider audience at national level, demonstrates realistically, that unless care honestly faces up to the responsibilities and duty of care they have for management leadership and staff, and its residents and their families, work together to find fresh solutions, the future is bleak for everyone’s care and survival.

If staffing issues were overcome to attract, support and retain their consistent and proficient quality workforce, and the key aspects of trust safety and customer satisfaction were addressed through a Holistic Kindness in Care module, it will result in all the primary aims of their commercial business:

  • Objectives that are established at a number of levels from top level corporate objectives, down to team objectives and individual objectives that will create a framework for more beneficial operational activities
  • Health financial investments in care from the private and government sectors
  • Profitable and sustainable strategic value and expansions, market leadership and brand building
  • A care industry that would be second to none in the UK and globally.

The Foundation’s dedication to Care Groups is to assist with creating a community around all delivering and receiving care, through systems that grow trust and pride in being productive for all they do together, enjoying the people they work alongside, and all moving forwards towards their greater corporate objectives.

Starting in care homes, but equally relevant in any care setting, the Foundation’s principles of Holistic Kindness in Care supports clear structures that build safety, trust and confidence into their care operations, with motivated management leadership and team work, all operating in synergy with the company’s aim and objectives, goals and values successfully and consistently.

It connects the workforce with improved communications, internally and externally, to provide improved respect for each other in the care culture, and better more relax ways of working that delivers Holistic Kindness in Care in a protected, warm, happy and kind environment at all times for all people entrusted into their services.

It provides  a working business model that shapes internal outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care practices that improve staff behaviour through relevant and positive support, education and training in management leadership and teamwork skills.

The Foundation’s robust principles of identifying, celebrating and sharing good practice builds and links strong and proficient support and relationships across the whole company group.

It nurtures an exceptional company branding that will, in the equal relationships between those delivering and receiving service, show outstanding overall outcomes of improved internal and external customer satisfaction. From success in:

  • Employing and retaining a good quality workforce
  • Improved management and staff self-esteem and confidence within the group, where all are recognised as able to offer valuable views, opinions and idea
  • Reducing sickness and internal staffing agency and recruitment costs
  • Sustainable growth and profitability from an outstanding reputation for support and Holistic Kindness in Care for management and staff and people and their families

Holistic Kindness in Care is a practical strong core brand that is meaningful in its spirit of holistic co-operation and empathy for communications that engaged and connected management leadership and the workforce. It brings to care groups:

  • Clear leadership goals and messages, that are not hidden under a veil of secrecy, or lack of openness to connect with respected and timely team deliveries on the front line
  • Promotion that people in their care are involved in all aspects of their own holistic care and decisions to increase their client base
  • A great dynamic and creative team with everyone working together to provide the right holistic attitudes and approaches to sharing outstanding communications, information, support, care and treatment at the right time
  • Proactive supported from families, befriending volunteers and interacting partnerships within the wider community, to prevent the social isolation that is currently experienced by all, people in care, their management and staff and the links in the care groups chain.

Holistic Kindness in Care defines improved and refined care systems and results. It leads to a safe optimum delivery of outstanding care and a guaranteed positive individual nursing and caring experiences every time. It assists care groups to:

  • Promote a healthy well-being and positive independence and continued lifestyle for people in their care, and a defined alignment of their sustainable care services in the market place that brings care outcomes of commercial profitability.
  • Generate genuine care where the promotional literature and brochures stands up to scrutiny from the Advertising Standards requirements; where people and families receive value for money and are happy to recommend the safe and trusted dedication throughout all management and staff services.
  • Share improved management leadership systems and a healthy respect and support for staff communications and relationships resulting in good team work and care experiences each time, throughout the entire group, not just in some commercial services.
  • Deliver credibility for a unified company core brand that is shown to prevent the social isolation of everyone delivering and receiving care; through their mutually beneficial and regular community engagement, support, involvement, and connections and improved access to integrated care services, community volunteers, partnerships and other organizations and charities.
  • Work towards a Care Differential that will raise the profile, add income value and increased market share to a company core branding, that seeks to improve long term sustainability and profitability for the entire care group.

An outstanding Care group is one that takes the lead to inspire service operations dedicated to a culture of Holistic Kindness in Care within their endeavours for cohesive and communicative management and leadership and team structures. It is committed to shared values and goals, education, training and resourcing new holistic care initiative to support confidence throughout their workforce, and to preventing any abuse neglect and social isolation.

Holistic Kindness in Care benefits are from environment where there is:

  • Strong, Meaningful Purpose and Flexible Exceptional Core Branding
  • Unified, Empowered and Dedicated Care Culture of Excellence
  • Making a Promise of Providing a Differential Quality Service
  • Engaged Confident and Motivated Workforce
  • Ultimate Consistency that attracts Recognition and Staff and Client loyalty
  • Committed, Communitive and Effective Managerial Group Support Networks from Trust and Confidence by all Employees in the Care Brand
  • Aims and Objectives Established at a Number of levels, Increased Performances from Involved Quality Staff Teams and Real Chances to Grow Professionally
  • Attracting and Retaining Valued Quality Management and Staff from Reductions in Recruitment, Staff Sickness and Stress Levels
  • Framework for Openness in Ideas and a Creative Culture Group that Nurtures a Safe Transfer of Services, Robust, Measured and Improved Care Outcomes
  • Standing Up to Scrutiny from Regulatory Bodies and Other Boards
  • Increased Recommendations and Reputations, from Client Trust, Family Relations and Satisfaction
  • Increased Brand Building- Market Leadership and Segments, Potential for Healthy Financial Investments and Sustainable Strategic Value and Expansion that commands a premium and Increased Profitability in the Group and for its Shareholders
  • Consistent Management Systems for Success
  • Outstanding Care Services
  • Building, Nurturing and Maintaining a Culture that is Authentic and Humane
  • Influential in Assuring the Future of UK Care Home Industry
  • Care Groups Providing Excellent Differentials of Holistic Care

Care brands that championing a proactive restructuring of services that support and endorse those caring management and staff who came into caring primarily to dedicate their lives and commitment to looking after people, and which does not undervalue quality healthcare staff’s capabilities and professionalism.