Bringing Everyone Together

Bringing Everyone Together

What inspires change? Holistic Kindness in Care is a true understanding of the complete person and their needs, hope and fears.

The Edith Ellen Foundation set out to look at the basic fabric of nursing and care and to ask, what would inspire the need for changing attitudes, habits and systems, which would move towards delivering the standard that should be expected by each person in care?

The role of the Kindness Audit’s assessment and validation is for a methodical tool to give a credible indication of the need to guide toward sustainable, improved and consistent Holistic Kindness in Care, and from which the Foundation, if needed, can act to contribute as a valuable support source, and improvement agency.

It is also the starting point from which the Foundation aims to bring back the human understanding and contact that is unique for each individual person in care, and allowing them, as much as possible to have an equal relationship in their own care.

The combination of the Social Care Institute for Excellence Dignity Factors and Dementia Gateway, the Respect and Choices Research conducted by four leading Universities in the UK, are all brought under the umbrella of Social Care Legislation and Safeguarding Practices and recommendations from the Francis, Berwick and Keogh Reports, and brought to life by the Foundation throughout a practical application of best practice within the Kindness Audit Matrix.

The Kindness Audit provides a mirror image of the delivery of services through the voices and views of those delivering and receiving care, and demonstrates the effectiveness of management leadership and teams working together, to ensure that people have an equal trust and relationships in, and have personal control and choices over, their own nursing and care service.

Working with management and leadership, the Foundation leads on promoting and developing professional Holistic Kindness in Care attitudes and duties. Our Policies tasks care teams to always nurture safety and fidelity for the people that they look after.

By working with all care provider services, the Foundation offers valuable support and confidential advice, guidance and information, and will always promote the sharing of best practice solutions to the nursing and social care problems.

It seeks to prevent abuse and neglect and to influence a cultures change to prove that good quality relationships combined with a significant understanding of people’s true needs, leads to positive and empathetic caring experiences for everyone every time.

It has a dual role in providing One Standard, One Structure for improving the National professional consistency of Outstanding Care. The Foundation is promoting the highly regarded reputation of the unrivalled Holistic Carer Givers within the UK Care Industry, whilst providing clarity and validation of the true Standard of Kindness for all those delivering and receiving nursing and care.

The Kindness Audit perpetuates the Foundation’s objectives to offer nursing and care a Purple Butterfly in Holistic Kindness in Care, which sends out a strong message that this is the solution to meaningful individual and person centred care that we are all looking for and were needing!