Blue Print for Change

Blue Print for Change


The Edith Ellen Foundation’s Blue Print for Holistic Kindness in Care is the formula for delivering best practice caring. It is influential in supporting outstanding care from acclaimed holistic care workers that are valued and celebrated for their pride and career in caring.

  1. Starting in care homes the Foundation set a standard of assessment and validation of Holistic Kindness in Care with a Kindness Audit. It gives clarity to the safe attitudes and approaches to caring from management and staff, and evaluates how they value, respect and understand residents in care homes, and how effective their skills and capabilities are, to be able to deliver compassion and kindness for the people they look after and their families.
  2. Based on the Kindness Audit, the Foundation produced a comprehensive individual Development Report that recognises good practices and identifies any short comings in Holistic Kindness in Care services for each care home.
  3. This set the standard of zero tolerance on abuse, neglect and social isolation. The Foundation champions management and staff attitudes and approaches showing they know and understand the skills for individual personal centred care, and how to give respect, value and kindness to people in their own choices of care needs and wishes. Its support resource ensures residents have reliable and amply opportunities to have their own independence, be involved in their own home, and to retain links with their lifestyles families, friends and communities.
  4. The Foundation engaged connected and involved residents and families. It listened to their views and sought to identify and break down the barriers that will take away fear and isolation and to safeguard people before routines.
  5. It introduce management Action Plans into care homes- the practical advice guidance and support the Foundation can bring which will show improvements in residents care by promoting the concept of caring better through Holistic Kindness in Care.
  6. The Foundation worked to help care home providers and management leadership by building authentic relationships focused on understanding the benefits of Holistic Kindness in Care really brings to everyone. By developing new ideas that focus on the equal relationships between those delivering and receiving care, and by ensuring that internally and externally services connect and deliver the right service at the right time.
  7. It works with care teams to show how good quality relationships combined with significant thought and understanding of people’s true needs leads to positive and empathetic caring experiences for everyone, every time and reduces the risk of harm, falls and injury in the environment.
  8. Working with local communities, the Foundation acts as the conduit for creating care homes as the hub of the community, to prevent the social isolation that is so endemic in care.
  9. The Foundation Champions people’s voices and a true assessment of their needs and choice. Advocating best practice in outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care that should be followed by other management and staff in other care homes, and other care settings.
  10. Based on the resulted outcomes of improved and harmonious care skills, attitudes and approaches under the wings of the Foundation’s support resources, to introduce the key components for an accredited Holistic Kindness in Care Training Matrix within a Training School for the Edith Ellen Holistic Kindness in Care. To identifying a Training Framework for the comprehensive and robust principles of person centred care. Seeking to improve the standards and consistency of holistic care in the delivery attitude and approaches of all nursing and care, which will take the lead on Holistic Kindness in Care across all services and sectors of care throughout the UK.

Stage one- improvement has already been seen since introducing the Foundation’s working business model that encourages and supports internal good practices education and training in management leadership and teamwork, by identifying, celebrating and sharing good practice, strong relationships, communications, commitments and connections together in the care home setting.

Management and staff are showing improved understanding and respect for each other, and are sharing Kindness, communications, roles and skills to improve the well-being, self-worth and lifestyles of their residents.

Stage two -improvements will result from help with building links and engaging and connecting care with their communities. The Foundation has already started to build networks around one care home and to make them the hubs of the community by bring health and social care services together with residents and community care, inside the home on regular occurrences.

One of the Foundation’s priorities will be to work on the individual social isolation experienced in care. It is so apparent that befriending volunteers are badly needed to aid people’s individual levels of requirements in companionship, support, comfort and continuation of their lives.

As are the connections to most service facilities, especially therapies, specialist nursing services for sensory deprivation, speech and physiotherapy, welfare and connections to charities and organisations are all vital for people’s welfare and self-value in care.

Stage three-improvements will lead on to inspire service operations dedicated to Kindness within their communities. In the endeavour that cohesive management and leadership focused on shared values and goals, education, training and resourcing new initiatives will support team work, and a robust kindness culture in all nursing and care will stop abuse neglect and social isolation.

Caring with kinder practices, attitudes and approaches to individual and personal wellbeing and self-worth from Holistic Care Givers that are valued and celebrated for their Pride and Career in Care, who promote an advanced enhanced and healthier Holistic Kindness in Care culture for all.

Stage Four- improvement to establish a Holistic Kindness in Care Training Matrix worthy of accreditation and a Training School of Excellence that will be the inspiration for care that will lead the UK and the rest of the World.