Befriending, Parnerships and Nutrition

Befriending and Nutrition

Befriending is a two way pleasure and stimulating relationship, and which is so badly needed in care, but particularly for all residents in care homes.

It is a privileged to share in many amazing moments in history and in people’s lives.

It also true that we all have so much to gain by the different  generations talking and listening to each other, and sharing our experiences, past and present. Sadly many opportunities are often lost, when there is so much we might be able to do to cherish people, and at the same time, preserve our social history together.

The relationships the Foundation builds with management staff, people and their families, breaks down social barriers. From this position in trust, and the knowledge gained through each individual contact, it allows the Foundation to assist in the desperate need for people in care to have connections to companionship, support and welfare from services and organisations.

One of the Foundation’s priorities aims to prevent people’s individual social isolation experienced in all sectors in care. It is so apparent that befriending volunteers are badly needed to benefit people’s individual levels of friendship, support, comfort and the continuation of their lives with their families, friends and their local communities.

The Foundation also appreciates that care providers require ideas for gentle exercises, to help increased movement, mobility and flexibility for people in care, and with connecting to most other integrated service facilities that will improve their complex heath conditions. Especially in seeking partnerships, and therapies, specialist nursing services and welfare agencies, that will stimulate and rejuvenate an improved level of independence for those they look after.

The Foundation understands the impact of poor diet and appetites has on people well-being and their individual complex health conditions.

With the help of celebrated chefs it looks to improved nutrition for an important opportunity for people to anticipated looking forward to meals and mealtimes, and for all to join together in conversations, feel relaxed and take their time because of the whole pleasing and comfortable experience, even if people require one to one assistance.

The Foundation rekindles consultation and encourages people in care to vary, plan, shape and develop special food events and individual experiences.To be actively involved in their own daily menus and venue, and in the delivery of food, when they want, where they want, and how they require it.

It is particularly concerned for people with complex health conditions, where they have difficulties in stimulating and maintain their appetites, or require specialise food and assistance.

The Foundation constantly looks for ways of improving people’s wellbeing and self-worth through a varied and nutritious diet of fresh produce that is always available during the day or night, in various formats that promote independence for people to help themselves, and which is more pleasing for people to tolerate, without risks or further restraints on their fragile health conditions.