A Meaningful Purpose

A Meaningful Purpose

Holistic Kindness in Care is bringing a meaningful purpose to understanding the principles of person centered care.

Holistic Kindness in Care from Care Givers promotes a consistent understanding, approach and attitude to a meaningful purpose in person centred care. Its principles stand up for people in care, particularly those lost in the depth of the fog of Dementia, or suffering from complex health condition to:

  • Ensure the overall standard of protection, dedication and commitment by all care management and staff to eradicate any abuse, neglect and social isolation for the frail vulnerable people in care that we all should be cherishing.
  • Value, recognise and celebrate people in care for who they are, and the contribution they have made to their families and their communities,
  • Champion their individual and collective voices to ensure humane internal and external connections for their safety, continued independence and community inclusion.
  • Harness the principles of kindness to excellence in the social care that we all deserve today, and need in the future.

What the Foundation will do to ensure people receive Holistic Kindness in Care:

Starting in Norfolk, and in care homes, from conversations with people and families and from watching listening and reflecting on management and staff views, attitudes, skill and holistic care abilities, the Foundation’s volunteers take the whole journey into and around the care environment.

Working with providers, management leadership and teams to ensure all holistic care is dedicated to Kindness, warmth and compassion and a good experience every time for the people that are cared for, particularly for people living with Dementia and at End of Life Care.

By identifying, engaging connecting and involving every one, the Foundation starts to establish any barriers to delivering Holistic Kindness in Care which show routines come before people’s needs.

The Foundation’s programme maps out what works, and what doesn’t, for people receiving their care services by identifying all the obstacles that might prevent people being safe warm, comfortable, stimulated and living life to the full as independently as possible.

It looks at best practices that will prevention fear and isolation and aims to guide and develop improved services that give people ownership of their own care, and to bring back the guaranteed spontaneity, sincerity and warmth in all interaction from all care management and staff teams.

The Foundation looks to give personal value, and to bring an understanding that individual people should have their own continuous control, choices and involvement in their own care, particularly in care homes, and to ensure that as much as possible people retain their identity, independence and connections with their lifestyles, families, friends and local communities.

What it means for people and their families:

A Care Championing nursing and care services who endorse a unified leadership commitment to shared team work dedicated to continually improving their own staff skills, support, education and training and which prevents the people they are there to serve, living in any fear or harm from bullying, intimidation or retribution.

Safe and continuous improvements in outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care, with social care services only dedicated to kindness and the people they serve. Which brings back trust, confidence, belief and equal relationships in all care, from a culture of outstanding reliability and fidelity in all attitudes and approaches in their interaction with people in care and their families.

Holistic Kindness in Care where care primarily supports people’s own needs and wishes are truly reflected in the sensitive management of those people’s own continued independence, and in their own individual choice and control over doing what they choose to do, when they want to do, with whom they want to do it with, in the place or environment which they want.

In care homes, the Foundation intends to make the home more the resident’s home and for them to have a life worth living.

Bringing back spontaneity, pleasure, comfort and meaningful time spent in care throughout all care services looking after our frail and vulnerable people, and because of this continuous focus on individual people, improve everyone’s care, well-being and self-worth.

Developing Holistic Kindness in Care where care, in any care setting, is the enhanced support, and not the “straight jacket”, that holds back and restricts a resident’s individual ability to be themselves and able to continue to be part of normal life as much as possible.

What the Foundation will do to help care providers engage with their staff:

Introduce an innovative working business models that encourages and supports internal good practices education and training in management leadership and teamwork. By identifying, celebrating and sharing good practice, and which builds a strong staff team with excellent respect, relationships, communications, commitments and connections across all levels of their service.

Bring a fresh approach that is supportive and connecting, that links quality Holistic Kindness in Care to the improved culture of outstanding management leadership and decision making. Which in turn brings an active engagement between management and staff and a shared understanding of nursing and care purpose.

Introduces new systems and better ways of working that improve management freedom to mediate internal and external pressures, and build internal relationships of trust, confidence and pride in the Holistic Kindness in Care that management and staff deliver together, which will boost staff moral and self-esteem.

Provide advice guidance and materials on a holistic approach to management leadership, and caring that will improve performances, responsibility and front line autonomy.

Helping management to recognise what distribution of influences, when applied with presence, support and approachability and a thoughtful and reflective approach on staff skills and capabilities, (rather than leadership by personality), will build staff understanding and encourage more effective ways of delivering consistent Holistic Kindness in Care.

Provide advice, guidance and materials that define and nurtures senior team work that is well-defined, responsive and able to consistently commit to a positive care experience for people and families in their care.

Champion nursing and care who endorse a unified leadership commitment to shared team work dedicated to continually improving their own staff skills support, education and training and which prevents the people they are there to serve living in any fear or harm from bullying, intimidation or retribution.

The Foundation ensures that it is up to date on new research, techniques and innovative therapies to be able to sign post management towards new and better ways of working that benefits staff delivery of Holistic Kindness in Care.

Where there are identified gaps in health and social care systems that are not supporting the welfare and self-worth of people and their families, the Foundation encourages management and staff to build on clinical knowledge and ability to develop new and exceptional emotional and psychological support, that once proven as beneficial, everyone might adopt.

What it means for care providers when sharing goals and values with their staff.

Care Championing a proactive restructuring of services that support and endorse those caring people who came into caring primarily to dedicate their lives and commitment to looking after people, and which does not undervalue quality healthcare staff’s capabilities and professionalism.

Linking quality of care and the culture to improved management leadership and building effective humane respect between all levels of team management and team delivery, and those being cared promotes benefits for all. Giving services:

  • An increased reputation for a dedication to putting people first by a good understanding of the people in their care and delivery of an excellent experience every time for the people they look after
  • Staff working better- management and staff are more engaged, less exhausted from long hours and hard work
  • Consistent management systems for success, influential in providing outstanding care from acclaimed Holistic Care Givers delivering Holistic Kindness in Care

Holistic Kindness in Care brings about operations of improving management leadership and understanding in a culture of healthy respect and support for staff and team skills, delivering improved communications and relationships between all levels of staffing, and bringing out the pride in all staff delivering the same level of excellent and dedicated care.

Working together as a cohesive team, inspiring attitudes of Kindness reduces the inequalities in health and social care, and allows a connectedness and sense of a community within the a better working environment.

Connected management and team work reduces staff sickness, agency care and recruitment and attracts quality staff, and will encourage trust and more investments from their clients in the individual care services when resident and families, and the local authority and social services are looking for guaranteed excellent care. Staff employed will all be exceptional carers, profitable for their business, and their quality of care will encourage more investments from clients, and increased profits for their shareholders.

Sharing best practices, understanding and promoting excellent Holistic Kindness in Care services raises the profile and value of the individual care providers, and of a National Standard of Consistency from a Care Industry which is dedicated to the people that they serve.

It builds the trust, confidence and belief from people and their families, and other services in the local community, that humane care exists and that this care is worthy of their love one’s and their families support and costs for the degree of care being delivered.

It brings increased profitability and sustainability for the care service, and raises the respect, status and profile of outstanding and unrivalled Holistic Care Givers.

Holistic Kindness in Care is kinder practices, it secures not so random acts of kindness in the care services, and those delivering care become an indispensable partnership in healing the body and the mind for people in care, and their families.