Our Benefits

Our Benefits

Holistic Kindness in Care is The Good News Story for bringing beneficial change in care, through a thoughtful and robust strategy of drawing everyone coming together to make change work.

eee-4The Foundation works by empowering the people that deliver and receive care to design care around consistent best practice and to bring a better understanding and more genuine care of people. By building authentic relationships, it provides a reflective and supportive resource that advises and guides on an individual Development Plan to improve the success of care services operations, and by using a solution focused approach, it develops internal holistic kindness in care that is safe and meaningful “person centred care”.

It expedites this by being that conduit to connectedness with the outside services and surrounding community. By using its own intelligence to promote and raise awareness to care providers of other volunteer groups working within their communities that will connect, befriend and support staff and people, particularly those in care homes.

The Foundation looks at the whole picture of Holistic Kindness in Care, and asks and listens to people’s individual preferences. It aims to be that conduit that breaks down any barriers that prevent management and staff from successfully delivering timely and consistent benefits that will respect and value each individual people, and aims to alleviate any feelings of worry, fear, and loneliness, that coping with care might bring.

It focuses on engagement with people and family’s views and opinions to acts as that medium to seek fresh knowledge of people in care and their likes dislikes, lifestyles, to assist management and staff in their endeavours to understand those they care for, and develop more individual care pathways.

The Foundation support resource is the criteria for an internal care structure and systems of trust, rigor, credibility and relevance of quality best practice in Holistic Kindness in Care. It generates new and improved ideas and skills and tools for management and staff to deliver care that enables their teams to exercise opportunities for safe and confident decision making and judgements.

The Foundation’s Volunteers plays an important role in being the independent observer and trusted confidant that shares advice and guidance. They are the agent for management and staff and people and their families that helps to shape and improve the care environment and the physical needs and emotional well-being and self-worth of people receiving care.

Its Volunteers look at people as individual, does not assume any aspect of their care needs and wishes, and tries to find out about them as a person. If people are lonely they seek to bring human understanding and contact that is unique to them and which will allow them to take control of their own personal fears, frustrations and self-worth.

The Foundation seeks to initiate more robust communications from management leadership that share their goals and values to motivate staff holistic kindness skills, and positive attitudes and approaches that filters down to a good delivery of care experience every time.

It aims to reduce care systems where there is too much assumptions and little understanding and knowledge of people’s needs and wishes, and their feelings that nothing will ever change for the better in care systems.

The Foundation listens to all views and opinions of those working, living and visiting the care environment.

From the key issues identified, in confidence and with trust and integrity, its work connects management and staff to the people in care in a way that motivates an improved culture of care. Bring fresh ideas and holistic kindness in care values that creates attention to engaging and empowering people’s active involvement in their own holistic care and encouraging the focus on the feel good factors that sees everyone, including staff, more relaxed, motivated, valued, appreciated and having a better day every day.

Last year the Foundation introduced the Kindness Audit into three care home in Norfolk, as a reflective standard of attitudes and approaches to caring and understanding the importance of shared and connective management leadership and team work.

Its purpose is to validate accurate levels of safety, warmth and comfort in the lives of people in care, and to aid and empower a culture change dedicated to Holistic Kindness in Care which can be adopted for any sector of integrated social care.

The Foundation reported its findings in detail to the care providers involved in the pilot, and in summary, identifying some of the key internal and external barriers that prevented excellent care, and people’s continued inclusion in their own lives and their communities, to both sides of the House of Lords.

The Kindness Audit was perceived as a tool for best practice for all nursing and care.

The good news is that the Foundation is uniquely placed to bring about consistency of improved care, and in the process, empower people to make informed choices about their own, or their family’s safety and personal care. Now it has been able to start to look at introducing an essential standard necessary for Edith Ellen Care Givers, the epitome of excellence in Holistic Kindness in Care.

The standard of Holistic Kindness in Care Training Matrix that the Foundation proposes means that abuse and neglect is preventable if care provision shows how to care through actions that all have the one focus –   consistently developing the human warmth, compassion and kindness in all health and social care for the improved well-being, support, care and self-worth for all our frail and vulnerable people.

Those who are young or old, whether with short term or ongoing physical and mental health conditions, learning disabilities or diverse needs, all will always matter most to the Edith Ellen Foundation.

The Foundation, its organisation and our team of trained competent volunteers exists because everyone  deserves a better understanding of their needs and wishes, and the right to expect a safe quality care experience every time.

We don’t say we have all the answers, we do believe however that the Foundation has the essential core values, Key Strategies  and policies that will assist the  deliver on more sustainable, consistent and robust Care outcomes, locally and national, and for it to celebrate all those care workers who deliver care with the upmost kindness.

Already it is seeing all round improvements, with management and staff working together in genuine respect and harmony, and a better quality of understanding and life for those receiving their care.