The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

The Edith Ellen Foundation is the Butterfly Effect for united systems of Holistic Kindness in Care. The Foundation works towards a Social Care Industry second to none that will lead the rest of the world.

The Foundation has developed fresh ideas, and made available for all care providers, a practical, sound and methodical holistic tool for delivering and sustaining a first class experiences for everyone receiving nursing and care every time; it just requires people to be brave enough to reach out and grasp it, collectively.

It is a unique resource, as it offers supports and benefits for everyone – those receiving care and their families; those delivering care; their group providers and shareholders; Integrated Care Services and associated Charities and Organisations, and for an improved and sustainable future for caring.

Currently there is no comprehensive national standard providing a defined programme that promotes Holistic Kindness in care as a practical and methodical tool for all to share. The Foundation seeks outcomes that result in a UK wide consistent delivery and receipt of holistic caring attitudes and approaches, and which brings better understanding and more genuine care of people, by ensuring the best for everyone.

Therefore the Foundation aims to safeguarding people’s lives and the work of people in the care environment, by encouraging sustainable quality Holistic Kindness in Care and a future in care that will always stand out as protective, dedicated and supportive.

In Holistic Kindness in Care systems, Kindness is the beacon of light that involves everyone in the prevention of despair, distress and suffering of people, and acknowledges the value of a dedicated and united management and teams that are well-trained, supported and continually developed in all aspects of administering holistic care.