Holistic Kindness in care – The care you would choose, and the standard of comfort and care in which you would like to live, or to leave your own family, for the rest of their life.

The Foundation’s volunteers, (once inducted, trained, quality assessed and validated), builds trust and respect and works alongside people and families, their management and staff and external partnerships. They aim to bring fresh ideas to create the climate of a safe haven for people in care to continue with connections to their lives, lifestyles, families, friends and local communities.

The Foundation has introduced an effective and robust management platform for sustainable Holistic Kindness in Care operations, where trust and good quality relationships and communications between management leadership and their staff teams and their residents, combine with a significant understanding of people’s true needs and wishes.

The Foundation’s strategy and policies are leading the way for care to provide high quality holistic care, safe, positive and empathetic caring experiences for everyone every time, and which aims to stamp out any abuse and neglect and the social isolation of people in care.

The Foundation recognises that most staff would wish to deliver good holistic care but some are held back by the lack of effective and cohesive management styles and support for staff that stifles empowerment and development of improved performances.

Staffs struggle to understand their clear roles, responsibilities and the autonomy required to develop and maintain a safe transfer of trust, and through this, unnecessary staff sickness and recruitment increases.

Therefore the Foundation nurtures new and more robust and enjoyable ways of working, for a safe climate for listening, a steady reflection and a balanced transparency of management philosophy for supporting leadership and staff team collaboration in their delivery of holistic kindness in care.