Our Vision

Our Vision

Holistic Kindness in Care is expecting better and asking are we doing enough, and together raising the Bar on improved social care

The Foundation has developed widespread listening to what people are telling us about their worries feels and anxieties within integrated services, and to what they feel is missing from their support, treatments and care and their work environments.

Every day we are hearing stories of abysmal care, but only rarely are we hearing about good and humane care that has been influential in designing and delivering improved integrated care services.

Currently there is no effective mechanism for guaranteeing positive community engagement, co-ordination and decision making services that are focused on valuing better outcomes for the people that deliver and receive care.

It appears that strong thriving relationship and partnerships are not found throughout all integrated care services. That care services do not always truly understand the people they care for, or that people and their families, and management and staff wishes and feelings together matter second to the operations some care service provide.

This equates to people requiring improved trust confidence and belief in the support from integrated services, a proactive restructure of services that is meaningful and which truly delivers a common culture of support, time and understanding, and of respect, value, compassion and kindness.

To overcome the crisis in care, the Foundation believes that integrated services are in need of an independent assessment and validation programme.

One that leads on to an individual service provider commercial action plan, which aims to improve their operational actions and tactical plans, and delivers a more effective planning of services, which are dedicated to the protection and support to the people in their care.

The Foundation also believes that care is eroding people’s independence, and by right people who receive these services should have significant opportunities to become involved in having an equal relationship in care choices and control. To be more influential in the design and delivery for the integrated understanding and respect that they want, and deserve in their own care services

Our Vision:

“The leading voice of the people delivering and receiving care, ensuring holistic integrated care is provided with kindness compassion respect and value of people in every pathway for the elderly, frail and vulnerable members of our communities”

The vision of the Foundation will be brought to life via our shared purpose and values; delivering holistic Kindness in Care services that comes directly from the heart.

The Foundation aims to achieve a robust growth in care by championing services that:

  • Are designed around systems which bring a better understanding and more genuine care of people.
  • Encourage new and sustainable partnerships to deliver the highest standards of services of continuous support, and flexibility from improved shared communications, to ensure less likelihood people will be lost in care.
  • Raise the profile of the issues surrounding the quality of social care offered nationally which result in sustainable growth and improved outcomes, and which provide cost savings and reduces the pressure throughout care for all.
  • Always works to seek outcomes that will ensure trust confidence and better relationships between integrated services, organisations, charities and the competitive market, by being influential in designing and delivering improved integrated holistic care services that are sustainable and second to none in their excellent care.

The Foundation looks for clarity of the services delivered locally and nationally, that will reduce confusion, delay and gaps in the support and treatment of people and it looks for consistent and improved guarantees that people will less likely be lost in failing integrated systems.