Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Kindness is Compassion without Judgement
No fear just one heart to another

Holistic Kindness in Care is the support, but not the straight jacket that restricts the value, understanding, comfort and encouragement for people to become involved in their own care, and to continue safely with connections to their life-styles, families, friends and local communities.

It must be the duty of all management and staff delivering nursing and care to design their services to champion and uphold trust in their commercial operations, and the principals of Holistic Kindness in Care that ensures a zero tolerance of abuse, neglect and social isolation for the people in their care.

Without exception all people receiving care should be protected and be safe in the knowledge that all their care is dedicated with attitudes of Kindness and respect, and with approaches and contacts that are consistently shown to be developing the human value, warmth, compassion and kindness and the improved well-being, support and care for each individual frail and vulnerable person they look after.  

People who are young or old, whether with short term or ongoing physical and mental health conditions, learning disabilities or diverse needs, must always matter most in the care. Without exception all deserve a better understanding of their needs and wishes, and the right to expect a safe quality care experience every time.

Never should care ever reflect the shadows and restrictions of fear and loneliness, where people are left too long on the fringes of care so they became withdrawn, isolated and lost in an atmosphere of regimes of indifference, abuse and neglect, and intolerant levels of comfort.