One National Structure

One National Structure

Holistic Kindness in Care- always promoting great carers and systems which do their very best

The Foundation knows only too well that care is in crisis now and that it will continue to escalate unless maintainable improvements are found in all services, and care returns to some basics where care givers genuinely look at the needs of the person, and understand how to make care happen.

Care where people, in all stages of their life, are nursed, cared for, and treated as precious human beings, and what truly shines through, are the warmth, sincerity and kindliness of people’s surroundings, and management and staff who deliver excellent quality nursing skills, with complete respect, dignity, care, compassion and kindness, particularly for people at the end of their life.

The good news is the Standard of Holistic Kindness in Care that the Foundation proposes means that this crisis can be overcome.

The Foundation recognises that old systems do not work. On the other hand, however, if care provision is guided by unity and harmony, and staff are aided by the appropriate support and skills to be confident in understanding ways of moving towards better care, this will inspire a change to delivering a consistent UK culture of excellent care that the majority of our nurses and carers truly wish to deliver.

Holistic Kindness in Care works to motivate that change, by recognising the valuable role care givers play, and understanding their need for effective communications, shared respect, goals, vision and support between management leadership and teams. It works for proficiency in improved approaches that allay people’s fears, frustrations, distress and isolation; aspects that are so harmful to the value and respect, and the well-being and self-worth of people in care.

The Foundation believes it has the Strategy and Polices that will guide, support and nurture improvements in holistic integrated care, and develop the necessary controls for a strong, united and cohesive leadership and team framework, that aids the support of all and is influential in assuring the future of the a great UK Care Industry.

Everyone united in the delivery of outstanding care which involves warmth, sincerity and kindliness, where people and their families are truly understood, counselled, valued and feel free to speak out without fear of bullying, intimidation and retribution, and are never inhibited, crushed and suppressed by their care.

Holistic Kindness in Care, One Standard, One Structure, that is redesigning services around people with a revitalised and strengthened dedication to all receiving and delivering care.