Improving Systems

Improving Systems

The Foundation leads management and staff away from a direction that places too much assumption and little knowledge of people in care own decisions, choice, likes and dislikes, and towards an improved appreciation of what makes their lives and environment warm, comforting and welcoming for them, not the establishment as a whole.

It works to improve the motivation well-being and self-worth of people in care, and to raise the profile of their continued independence, engagement and involvement in their own support, higher on management and staff’s agendas.

In the main, few managers and staff consider how any thoughtless initial approach and contact will increase people’s resistance to cooperate later on in their day, and tend to simply carry on duties regardless of people’s thoughts and fears.

Therefore the Foundation encourages restructuring of the management leadership and team work flow, to have more timely and effective personal contact that enables people in care to be themselves, have more independence and involvement in all aspects of their own care. Our strategy guides  to more proactive and responsive attitudes in best practice and communication skills that listen to what people in care have to say, allowing them more choices, time and opportunities for to respond to questions when asked.

Management and staff run the risk of safeguarding issues if staff struggle to cope without united guidance, support and encouragement. Leadership cannot guarantee any quantified experiences when it has failings at organisational levels and ineffective staff teams prevent the disregard of the welfare of their residents.

The Foundation, therefore, consistently encourages Holistic Kindness in Care practices that promote more effective reflections on people’s respect dignity and personal comfort at all times. It will present solutions that refine and improve monitoring systems, paperwork and practical assistance that change the environment to enhance the comfort for people to use their own personality to shape their own care and routines.

Improving any culture is also about nurturing management leadership that shows a healthy respect, support and engagement with all. In the current climate, the Foundation recognises the benefits of external friendship, companionship and partnerships to assist staff in the pressures of conducting their duties, and that staff, as a valuable commodity, should command the respect and thanks for a grateful industry and community. It aims to ensure it brings support for staff teams to also have a good day every day.