Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas

The Edith Ellen Foundation introduced the Holistic Kindness Audit to provide methodical evidence of any delivery outcomes requiring support for those delivering and receiving care.

To be able to understand the support care providers need individually, and what it is that makes it difficult for them to be able to deliver a good care experience every time.

Our Holistic Kindness Audit is unique. By assessing attitudes and approaches to nursing and care through a Kindness criteria, its methodical process has really uncover why some providers fail to understand the people in their care, do not communicate with them and do not allow them to have the individual choices which would benefit their lives in care.

Gathering people’s views and opinions, the Kindness Audit shows the struggles people and their families, and management and staff faced in receiving and delivering good care systems.

It has provided evidence that current integrated care systems cannot guarantee a safe delivery of caring, if there are worrying signs that staff are coping without the presence of strong, supportive and responsible managerial leadership.

From this baseline, the Foundation, works with services to help with the commercial ability to overcome any barriers that impact on their operations. We look to build a Care Matrix around their services, which will help deliver an improved training programme that focuses on consistent approaches and attitudes to Holistic Kindness in Care.

The Foundation’s vision of promoting Kindness is practical and it’s supportive. The Holistic Kindness Audit and individual Development Programme for Care Providers are based on sound and methodical principles that identify, celebrate and share good care practice.

Putting into a practical application the SCIE Dignity Factors and Dementia Gateway and the studies carried out in the Respect and Choices Research, conducted by four leading Universities in the UK, the Foundation brings together, and to life, all the recommendations in the PANICOA Report.

The Foundation seeks to bring consistency, clarity, true integration and improved Holistic Kindness in Care across all the nursing and care services, for a complete commitment to the people they look after.