How We Help

How We Help

Holistic Kindness in Care is why your vision, your spirit and our legacy for better Care is needed

Everyone wants to remain in control over their own lives, to be able to do things for themselves and carry out everyday living tasks independently, like dressing, bathing and cooking, but the Foundation understand that, when they can no longer, the greatest fear any person faces to going into care, is how their life will change.

eee-16Taking people away from their own home, or being cared for in an unnatural environment or asking them to abandon their lifestyles, connections and objects all at once is similar to experiencing bereavement, people feel a great personal loss.

Holistic Kindness in Care is about understanding how people cope with change, and helping them to positively respond to their surroundings and feelings when needing any level of care.

It is the holistic appreciation of people’s daily worries, concerns and needs that many management leadership and care teams miss focus on. Rarely is the time taken to ask what will make such a beneficial difference to, and substantially improve my own quality of daily life in care, if I were experiencing the following real fears and feelings:

  • Of no longer being in control of my movements, independence and finances
  • That people might forget me more quickly once I become isolated from my families, friends and local communities
  • I will get older and sicker more quickly because staff may not hear me correctly, respond to me quickly and I am left bored and lonely
  • That being looked after by a stranger means that my individual identity is taken away, that staff don’t have the time, or might not want to give me the time, to know me as a person each time they are caring for me
  • That I might be bullied, intimidated and subjected to retribution through disrespect acts of caring for my body and my mind.

The glossy brochure on any care in the UK, particularly for care homes, rarely guarantees that the care for people and their families is the same as that shown within the promotional literature.

Founded on strong evidence from the Foundation’s Kindness Audit, and from watching, and listening to management leadership and team approaches and contacts in care homes with their residents, there are no true consistent clarity in the attitude and level of care delivered in any care homes.

Indeed people receiving care in other care services are telling us that they have similar concerns across the entire Care Industry.

Whether you receive or deliver care, it results in varying degrees of social isolation.

Invariably it leads to a loss of respect to care givers from essential services, local communities and support organisations. How often do we hear the words: “You are only carer”! It is noticeable, that in the main, care devalues and demotes the self-worth of any professional caring.

It also impairs any recognition that individual people should have access to the basic holistic encouragement and facilities to continue living their lives to the full.

To be bed-bound, or to have taken away the ability to communicate, eat and drink effectively due to complex health conditions and sensory deprivation, results in that person being very reliant on basic holistic understanding, kindness and caring, and empathetic communications and encouragement, to want to wake up and live through another day.

Whilst little can be done to alter a structure of a building, a lot can be done with well-lit and inspiring decoration, thoughtful use of the environmental space and furnishing, and management and staff showing safe attitudes, contact and consideration that connects and understands people’s emotional and practical needs to be treated as an individual; deserving of the human needs of gentleness, kindness and feeling wanted.

Although it is seemingly absurd, when the Foundation states that nurses and carers have to be shown how to care, it is indeed necessary for the Foundation to support, advise, guide and nurture all social care services towards a reliable understanding people and their care needs, through meaningful holistic person centred care, the principles of Holistic Kindness in Care.

To the Foundation, this means that all staff should be given the opportunity for improved support from effective training mechanisms, providing confident and accomplishes skills, with real chances to grow professionally within the One Standard, One Structure which the Foundation promotes. Where management and teams commit together to services that are dedicated to all the people they look after.