Your Personal Invitation

Your Personal Invitation

Dear Friend and Colleague

We all think we have our lives mapped out. Then suddenly illness comes along and everything changes. When it does, it always gives you a different prospective on life. Having to live with illness seems that you might be, or are, losing everything that is normal in your life, your lifestyle, your friends, your jobs and your home. But primarily losing yourself and your choices, in a health and social system that in the main appears to have little understanding of who you are and what you want and need as an individual person.

Going right back to my nursing days, I have personally dedicated my caring to many people, my family, relatives, friends, neighbours and strangers. I have witnesses my mum died from abuse and neglect, and my father-in-law died with peace and the love of his family and carers around him.

But I am just one of countless people that see good care and bad care every day, and wonder why it is we are all not accepting nothing less than a good nursing and care experience every time for us, or our loved ones.

When you are ill,  or you are their carer or relative, you watch and you listen and you learn about what is going on around you. When you see so much in this modern world that shows care has forgotten that we are all unique, and treats so many without dignity and respect, you ask why, and how best can we uncover a true understanding of people and deliver the individual care and support so badly needed?

You also see the nursing and care givers, struggle to do what they want to do best, often without value, recognition, and encouragement from their management leadership. You ask why and what can be done better to ensure a culture of dedication and personal connection that will cement the consistent quality of excellence in all nursing and care.

As a Foundation we researched, networked, listened, learnt and analysis the attitudes of those delivering nursing and care service. We then set about producing a very simple principle and the most relevant assessment support and training programme any management in health and social care, nurse, sister, care worker, or carer at home will ever receive to help them improve the care that they themselves want to format and deliver.

By simply putting kindness at the front of all nursing and care, it will preventing abuse and neglect and improving the consistency of care, by influencing and replacing restrictive regimes of disrespectful, indifferent, and intolerant levels of comfort, with care delivered only with understanding and kindness; which is the right of every person to expect.

The Edith Ellen Foundation was evolved out of a vision of Kindness for everyone in care. Only because I had seen good care, and I was determined to find a way to make it work for everyone. I started out on an amazing journey and within 3 years the Foundation has come a long way, thanks to so many people and their love and support.

My greatest joy is seeing that vison develop through the kindness of others who have dedicate their valuable time and expertise to making a positive difference to everyone’s care, for today and for the future, only because they too genuinely care about others.

That vision has grown because people understood that simple principle was practical and realistic and based on necessity. It was also bringing everyone together as others felt that they too can make a difference and become involved in their own care destiny.

That vision now has structure, purpose and justified meaning, and it is gathering recognition and belief that it can achieve all that it set out to do, and more. If only more people are kind enough to support the concept of outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care through the delivery of unrivalled care givers that are valued and celebrated for their pride and career in caring.

Please we would like to ask you to consider if you too would want to volunteer your skills, your life time experiences, your unity and strength to help the Foundation and offer your assistance in aspects such as:

Helping us explore and connect to -Social media; essential partnerships and profile people; income streams; shared support networks.

Provide internal support for the Foundation to take the Edith Ellen Holistic Care Givers out into all communities Nationally and Locally.

If so, please contact us as we would love to hear from you and have your help to continue with something that is so precious and necessary for all of us-

Holistic Kindness in Care- True Genuine and Consistent Care that is right for you, right for your loved ones and right for all our future generation.

Thank you.