Taking Ownership of Your Care

Taking Ownership of Your Care

Holistic Kindness in Care -Excludes no one- embraces everyone

By listening to the views of everyone in need of nursing and caring services, including people and their families receiving these services; the Foundation will inspire a culture change to Holistic Kindness in Care.

The Foundation seek consistent care with distinction and committed dedication that values, supports and understanding the people being cared for, and allows people to have equal involvement and relationships in their own care. The greatest gift to anyone is care is to continue with the connections to their independence, lifestyles, families, friends and local community amenities and services.

The Foundation is truly Independent and aims to be the leading voice of everyone associated with health and social care. We listen and evaluate the quality of nursing and care provided. Only then can we judge, and recommend beneficial change through implementing best practices in Holistic Kindness in Care.

The Foundation will achieve this is through

  • Support, Advocacy, Consultancy, Education and Training programmes designed to deliver improvements in understanding people, their needs and different levels of support necessary to have as much independence and  control over their own personal and individual care as possible
  • Always empowering individuals and their families to have the freedom to make their own choices regarding their personal nursing and care arrangements
  • Providing solutions to many of the disrespectful and insecure attitudes and approaches that people experience in the delivery of their care. This in the main can simply and effectively be summarised, as failings in the desire to change business models, and failings for management and leadership to link the quality and culture of care to effective support, education and training for all their front line staff.
  • Always seeking a better care service. Based on real life experiences of people in nursing and social care and by championing your voices to ensure that our evidence is understood by relevant Regulatory and Statutory Organisations.
  • Always promoting the delivery of consistently good quality care across the UK. The Foundation will strive to introduce a new culture based on Holistic Kindness in Care, empathy, respect, compassion and dignity for all, by being that conduit for people to obtain the changes in care that they need.

At the Foundation we love what we do, but we need to be more proactive in our work on your behalf.

The Foundation needs your help to engage with us. We need your support through feedback and ideas, and your involvement in our decision making. We need to share your information and to have a greater potential to spread and reach new audiences.