New Basis for Integrated Services

A New Basis for Integrated Services

Holistic Kindness in Care is the Care Provider’s commercial commitment to empowering effective and excellent management leadership in every aspect of nursing and care.

We believe that it should not be down to individual nurses and carers to support the credibility of the nursing and care providers; rather it service providers who need to support the credibility and value of their staff teams.

In short the Foundation believes in the empowerment of front line teams that will lead to the culture change that we all need- to put the pride back into caring.

By listening to the views of everyone providing these services; we will inspire a culture to recognise and enhance the value of paid for care workers, and to achieve a Training Framework for a National Qualification Framework that will support all care givers throughout their career in caring.

Our unique independence creates the platform from which to stand aside from regulatory bodies and other similar commissioning services. We believe gives the Foundation the innovative edge to work with everyone associated with these services, and to have the key benefit of impartiality.

Working with care providers and with their management backing and assistance, the Foundation works to open up more effective communication links and team work between all management and staff.

To map care’s commercial dedication to empowering a National commitment to effective and excellent management leadership and care services, through:

  • Enhanced communication shared values, goals, responsibility and purpose
  • Continued development and improvement by supporting staff,
  • Collaboration on best practices and resourcing new initiatives
  • Outstanding Holistic Kindness Care for all the people in their care.

The Foundation seeks to install more robust systems for staff support from management. Ones that demonstrative more personal, approachable, advice and support, systems and for better practical and emotional support for staff at work that supports concerns for staff wellbeing.

It aims to be instrumental in encouraging management and staff to be more respectful of each other, and moves toward staff training and education in Holistic Kindness in Care from responsive and caring management. By encouraging the presence of leadership on the front line of care, with management leading by example and contributing to holistic attitudes by defining clear roles, boundaries and expectations that lead to positive care practices every time.

To work towards cemented relationships of mutual trust and understanding between management and staff, that seeks to engage staff with management. The Foundation encourages staff to be proactive and to use their ideas and skills more effectively, to be open in their constructive criticism and introduce their own system improvements.

To seek effective mediation systems for changes that impact on the day to day delivery of care. It encourages managers to resource new initiative and techniques and promotes the benefits of, from the top down, management leading the importance of motivation and inspiration care, and sharing in improvements, rather than changing for the sake of change.

Care will rise to any challenge if it focuses on improved relationships, understanding and support between management leadership and staff teamwork, and residents and their families, on sharing the effective use of best practices tools, skills and information, and from engaging with community networks.

The Foundation supports more equal relationships between those delivering and receiving care, less task that are routine orientated rather than people focused, and to focus on improved Holistic Kindness in Care experience each time they approach and conduct people’s individual care.

Developing a consistent approach to Holistic Kindness in Care, is a practical way to a proactive restructure of services that delivers a common culture of improved consistency, accountability, profitability and sustainability and for a professional observant, focused innovated, motivated and accomplished care worker.

The Foundation listens to what you are telling us and where you need it to assist in improving the trust and provision of your robust, dedicated and practical holistic care.

It is a two way approach to guiding management and staff education towards an unquestionable meaningful purpose and delivery of “Person Centred Care” and the publicity of recognition in the overall standard of consistent professionalism and pride in outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care, locally and nationally across the UK.

The Foundation interacts to influence the changes and reputations that you wish to achieve, and, please, we can only do that with your support.