Greater Transparency

Greater Transparency

The Foundations looks to lead the way to a greater understanding accountability and transparency in all services, which will eradicate abuse neglect and social isolation of people in care.

It seeks the focus to be placed on Holistic Kindness in Care for others, that will give credibility to the whole care industry and raise the holistic profile and profitability of care providers and their brands who:

  • Deliver outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care experience every time.
  • Allow individual people to be able to live in safety and comfort for longer.
  • Prevent unnecessary ill health conditions and injuries arising
  • Manage their ongoing physical and mental health conditions.
  • Support everyone that has specific health and care needs and help them recover quickly
  • Improve diagnosis, treatment and care for dementia care by advocating good education and trained specialists using innovative techniques and the better use of assistive technology.
  • Cherish those at the end of their life.

Therefore, helping to ensure that all delivering outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care services are shown sustainable recognition today and for the future by:

  • Increasing expectations that excellent Holistic Kindness in Care delivery leads to the creation of greater choice
  • Acting as a guide to draw people together and for them to be able to decide the level of services required for their own individual needs, and also for those of their families
  • Generating greater support and long term stability for individual services and their care providers own branding

The Edith Ellen Foundation assessing, empowering and enabling Outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care to safely and genuinely improve people’s consistent Health, Welfare and Self-Worth, now and for the future.