Future Success in Care

Future Success in Care

Care financers, particularly, in the care home industry, might easily fail to see the real benefits of underpinning their investments with a robust and sound management and leadership focus that has a strong commitment to assessing the key holistic barriers. However it is overcoming poor performance and unsatisfactory outcomes that increases returns on their revenue and payments for shareholder’s dividends.

By implementing and maintaining Holistic Kindness in Care operations across their Board, it will provide improved differential and market share, and reveal the true cost savings that will be made from having more effective monitoring and analysis systems. Having this strategy for improved scrutiny, which assesses management and staff attitudes and approaches to leadership, their workloads, team communications, behaviour and commitment, will increase safe support and interaction with the people in their care, and will show increases in long term sustainability and profitability.

The Foundation is constructive when challenging care and in promoting the whole concept of providers developing their own holistic attitudes and approaches to improved and consistent services.

Care rarely validates the dynamics of complex relationships between the care provider, their management leadership and their staff, and those receiving care, and how this links to the quality of care, and, crucially how good management leadership enables a positive individual care experience every time.

The Foundation believes that the Kindness Audit as a quantitative assurance tool and a National Initiative, is a methodical assessment and validation process which defines best practices, measures the National Standard of Kindness delivered in any individual care experience, and importantly recognises that any benchmark is only an indication of the need to improve trust and integrity in the protection and safety of people receiving the services.

It seeks to analysis the difference between success and failure. If there is a great holistic team of management and staff dedicated and working together, and if functional management and leadership have presence all the way up and down the providers group of care. If leaders are visible on the front line, and effectively engage communicate and consult with their staff, are transparent and don’t jump to conclusion and keep their support, behaviour and feedback consistent. All of which will always compel teams to work well together and value and support each other.

It also believes Holistic Kindness in Care is the way to sustain care chains which breaths great success and scale. It is that required change in culture and builds a great support team between those that design services, management leadership and staff, which understand the benefits of sharing the same goals values and dependence on each other.

That a unity in delivering a common vision of safe and better ways of working and trust in their respect of united team work, will strengthen accomplishments towards organisational objectives of attainable financial results.

The Foundation rather than closing care services down, looks to turn failing services around.

By adding into the equation support and fresh ideas that are crucial for linking the quality of Holistic Kindness Care to dependable improvements and a culture of excellence, and from acquiring the support and connection to other services and community partnerships that would benefit the care providers thriving commercial potential.

To regain gain trust, respect and self-esteem for all, rather than create divisions over personal ambition that will divide staff shifts and harmony within the care sector, and disrupt long term staff loyalty and sustainability, it is better ways of working that is needed.

In designing supportive seamless systems and processes of leadership, which promote internal trust and respectful alliances and relationships, shared responsibilities and team work amongst those delivering Holistic Kindness in Care.

The Foundation is uniquely placed to bring a National Incentive, Commercial Business Model and Training Matrix for unrivalled Care Givers of Outstanding Excellence. To replicate, translate and shape a new, different approach to designing consistently Outstanding Care Services in the Care Industry.

Care that will have a sustainable and profitable business, is able to stand up to market forces and buck trends that force down profits, are without a doubt those that invest in the best differential, Holistic Kindness in Care.

The Foundation visualise social inclusion, companionship and friendship as central to people’s wellbeing and self-worth. It leads to animated and happy manners and beneficial feelings of karma throughout the day and night, rather than tears, frustrations and depression for everyone working and living in the care environment.

Holistic Kindness in Care is that safe, trusted and innovated care for people that is invigorating in their lifestyles by promoting a social life inside its own community, as is active supported by outside partnerships within its local community.

It looks to help develop care systems that are not so focused on inflexible routines but on shaping a holistic environment where management and staff prioritise respecting and interacting with resident in their own choices and individual needs.

It fosters clear systems that reflect improved consideration of people and increase actions aimed at approaches that reduce physical abuse and neglect and the emotional tensions and distress for both people in care and their families.

The care groups that will survive the current crisis, not face legal challenges and attract sustainable increases in their fees, will be those where families have faith that once they leave their loved ones, they are not left unattended, and at the mercy of pressure ulcers, catheter infections and falls, that should have been avoided with management and staff due care and attention.

In Holistic Kindness in Care systems people, in all stages of their life, are nursed, cared for, and treated as precious human beings, and what truly shines through, are the warmth, sincerity and kindliness of people’s surroundings, and management and staff who deliver excellent quality nursing and caring skills, with complete respect, dignity, care, compassion and kindness, particularly at the end of people’s life.

In Holistic Kindness in Care training, education and development provides confidence, support and accomplished holistic skills, attitudes and personal approaches which delivers and allows Holistic Care Givers to make a positive difference to people coping with their surrounding care.

It support, skills and confidence from care givers that are driven to dedicated and consistent improvement, responsibility and performance on the front line of caring.

The role of the Edith Ellen Foundation is be instrumental in implementing sustainable Holistic Kindness in Care, bring everyone together in One Standard One Structure for care givers. One that develops a sharp focus on the professionally observant, focused, innovative and motivated carer celebrated as the indispensable healers of the body and mind in an exceptional Holistic Kindness in Care industry.

Holistic Kindness in Care is caring for people with kinder practices, attitudes and approaches to individual wellbeing and self-worth, from Holistic Care Givers that are Valued and Celebrated for their Pride and Career in Caring.

Holistic Care Givers all providing an advanced enhanced and healthier Holistic Kindness in Care culture for all in the UK, and leading the Rest of the World.