Designing Services Around People

Designing Services Around People

Without consistent Holistic Kindness in Care, in our care services, we have shown a great dis-service to our frail and vulnerable people, and now, especially in care homes, most are becoming Our Forgotten People.

Across the UK their collective voices are hardly listened to and rarely do they receive the Holistic Kindness in Care that is their right, and which all of us should expect our loved ones to have when they need it, and for which, people and their families pay such a huge amount of money.

By the same token understanding how to deliver excellent and consistent individual care may be widely debated and discussed, but only happens in those few rare breeds- those who successfully understand how to negotiate support from around integrated care systems and to mediate the internal and external barriers that impact on management and staff abilities to deliver an excellent Holistic Kindness in Care experience every time.

The Foundation understands all too well the real barriers that questions trust in the safety of care, and results in a premature and painful early death. These equate to either no one really wants to stop the abuse and neglect that is endemic in a “caring industry”, or they don’t know how to prevent it happening.

The caring industry as a whole relies too heavily on tick box systems and extensive paperwork that supposedly supports true care, but in fact rarely equates to a true day in care services.

The whole concept of paper trails and distance learning aids as mechanisms for safe quality assurance for caring will never assess the true attitudes and approaches from care workers that leads to the horrific and systemic abuse and neglect, which is endemic in care in the UK.

However extremely unpalatable and unthinkable it may be, when loved ones die in conditions that are inhumane, humiliating and cruel rarely is anyone held responsible and accountable account. It would appear that people’s rights and lives are being forgotten and lost, and care has lost its value respect compassion and kindness, as little is being done to stop it happening on the front line of care in the first place.

Through the Edith Ellen Foundation it is time to start redesigning care. Now, within the Holistic Kindness in Care that the Foundation purposes, there are significant opportunities for people to get involved in designing their own care systems and for everyone to be influential in designing and delivering improved Nursing and Care Services.

The Foundation asks that you contact us with your views and opinions and tell us what you want from Care Services. It needs to hear your voices and connect with your support to enforce and influence the safe delivery of social care.

Only then might we together, ensure that all our services are provided with kindness and compassion in every pathway, especially for our elderly, frail and vulnerable members of our communities.