About our Volunteers

About our Volunteers

The Edith Ellen Foundation is your charity, your strong voices, united and in harmony with your journeys through delivering and receiving care. It aims to be independent and run for the people by the people. It is a “Not for Profit” organisation.

It is structured around the requirements of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, but is run completely by Volunteers who all donate their experience, skills and time free of charge; although expenses will be covered.

The Edith Ellen Foundation’s team’s philosophy is about building confidence and trust. That through professional and thoughtful visits that will report on genuine impressions, concerns and findings, best practices which can be shared and new ideas generated from which everyone might benefit.

Everyone associated with the Foundation will encompass our core values by always: Promoting Kindness, Integrity, Trust and Support, and Striving for Excellence in everything they do. 

The process of finding information on any level of healthcare can be challenging.  Family members, and especially people living with dementia, need to be supported with information that will quickly  and easily enable them to assess the quality of care this is suitable for their needs.

The Foundation uses Holistic Kindness in Care as a two-pronged support resource and approach to assist people, their families and all care providers and to provide and receive outstanding care and to eradicate any lack of trust and uncertainty in care systems and services.

Why befriending is so badly needed

One of the biggest challenges in care is how to prevent the social isolation of so many people in care services.

Holistic Kindness in Care brings practical and proactive support to care providers. The Foundation breaks down any barriers of suspicion and mistrust to build authentic relationships and trust from management, staff, people and their families, and gains a valuable insight and personal knowledge and understanding about each individual resident in care homes.

One of the Foundation’s priorities is to work on the individual social isolation experienced. There is a desperate need to ensure that people receive connections to most service facilities, especially therapies, specialist nursing services and welfare agencies

In general, companionship and befriending volunteers are badly needed to benefit people’s individual levels of friendship, support, comfort and to connect them to a continuation of their lives with their families, friends and their local communities. But it is also an incredible two way enjoyable and stimulating experience.

The Foundation would love to hear from people that would like to offer their friendship and companionship to people in care and we will put you in touch with people in your own area.

Our Volunteers and their Skills

The Edith Ellen Foundation is about ensuring that the management leadership and culture in any health and care service shares in a purposeful relationship, and achieves a real contribution for shaping the consistency of outstanding front line nursing and care experience every time

The Foundation’s Volunteers promote the practical application of this, for openness to finding shared solutions and improved changes in the delivery of care, for the benefit of robust measures and improved Holistic Kindness in Care outcomes.

For those out and about in the care pathways our Volunteers are expected to thoughtfully promote relationships that provide everyone with individual personal ownership of their care.

For those giving or associated with the delivery of services our Volunteers are expected to thoughtfully inspire a cultural change in attitudes which will prevent abuse and neglect, and will ensure that management leadership links to the ever improving quality of outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care throughout all care services.

For our Volunteers conducting the Foundations’ Kindness Audits, they are required to give a balanced assessment of the level of Holistic Kindness in Care. It is imperative they are more than just friendly and approachable. A confident attitude, and the skills and ability are needed to probe and identify the true standards of care delivery.

All our Volunteers within the Foundation are hand-picked for their Kindness and ability to connect in trust, sincerity and emphatically with those delivering and receiving care, and their focus on One Standard One Structure in Holistic Kindness in Care.

Our Volunteers Support and Training

Through all of our recruitment, selection, management and motivation processes it is important for our Volunteers to feel supported, nurtured and valued, and for them to agree and feel comfortable about have the same aims and objectives as the Foundation.

Which, essential, is to have the desire to cherish our frail and vulnerable people and to prevent them from experiencing the abuse, neglect and social isolation that is so endemic in our care systems.

Our Volunteers are supported through knowledge, internal and external training and continued assessments of their work, to attain a high level of achievement in their delivery of improving consistent standards of excellence in Holistic Kindness in Care and in their own personal sense of well-being and self-worth.

They are nurtured in skills to build authentic relationships, connect and empower strong partnerships across the community, as our competent volunteers use advice and guidance and a solution focused approach, to improving the consistency of outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care services.

Our Volunteers are internally support to act as a guide for people and families to be able to decide the level of services required for their own individual needs, and also generate greater support and long term reputation and stability for care providers and their individual services.

The Foundation works with our volunteers to help them decide if they feel confident about volunteering for the Foundation and, if they do, what role in the organisation would really be suitable for them.

Our Responsibilities to Our Volunteers

The Foundation, as a Charity, has very strong core values. It is supportive, trusted, operates with integrity, strives for excellence and promotes Kindness, and what it preaches, it also applies to the welfare of our Volunteers, inside the heartbeat of its operations.

The Foundation recognises that our Volunteers are our greatest asset, and essentially, the core values and support that we promise for our clients, also equally apply to our Volunteers.

Good practices within the Foundation means that strategies and policies are in place that govern our day to day activities, and to make sure that fairness and openness manages the risk to the Foundation and brings successful benefits to our volunteers, organisation, and its clients.

Should people decide to become involved with the work of the Foundation, are requested to complete the necessary documentation. This will include a DBS Check, which is essential for all volunteers taking on a role where they are meeting and befriending the Foundation’s clients.