A Community Around Services

A Community Around Services

Holistic Kindness in Care is the opportunities for representing locally and nationally, all the voice of people delivering care –

Care Providers, Care Groups and Integrated Services

The Foundation works to ensure connectivity and cohesiveness across communities, assured that it will lead to effective and flexible integrated care throughout all services. If everyone starts to recognise, support and share similar aims, objectives, improved communications and best practices.

The Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care is the catalyst and cement for all integrated care’s collective desires to be accountable for improvement, and for their belief in better outcomes for the people under their ever expanding wings of integrated caring services.

The Foundation will work with all the commissioning services, welfare groups, organisations and care providers, and share with them all its core standards and benefits. To show that Holistic Kindness in Care is a cost saving that will result in measurable outcomes for assessing value for money, and robust growth with improved and sustainable outcomes that reduce pressure on services.

It encourages positive community engagement that opens up healthy communications, coordination and decision making, and provides the essential information and support that providers are telling us they are missing. Holistic Kindness in Care principles reduces confusion, delay and the gaps in care identified as worrying to service users and providers.

The Holistic Kindness in Care that the Foundation is proposing will help people to develop the trust and freedom to have inclusive access to services for everyone, and to build person safety, confidence, belief and satisfaction in services and integrated care systems.

Our unique Kindness Audit, based on our thorough and balanced assessment, produces the robust evidence to enable more confidence and greater choices when it comes to accessing the individual nursing and care that is right for people, personally.

The Foundation is now able to evaluation of how we compassionately understand people and what these essential dedicated skills are, that can make these differences to people’s lives, and our future generations.

Fundamentally the Kindness Audit brings a better understanding of the struggles and barriers that have a big impact on care provider’s services. Its support resources and mechanisms for change are active in suggesting fresh ideas and solutions to counter balance these issues.

With the Foundation’s unique support and, as an improvement agency, it will work for all management and staff, care groups and integrated services and local charities and organisations on front line services, to promote their valued and beneficial contributions.

Holistic Kindness in Care seeks only to releases the pressures on management to allow them to stay focused on designing and delivering improved delivery services and for the future success of the UK Care Industry, ensure an advanced enhanced healthier and sustainable holistic culture for all.

Please so that everyone might benefit from the depth of your knowledge, experience, the innovative tools you have introduced and the authentic relationships you have built, we would love to connect and share out these valuable experiences for all others to be able to create similar successful communities and  partnerships across their health and social care services.

To be able to engage on a National Platform and represent and share the changes that you all want from your working environment and community services, the Edith Ellen Foundation would really appreciate having connections with all the different integrated care services. So that we can bring everyone together through Holistic Kindness in Care Partnerships.