Get Involved

Get Involved

At the Edith Ellen Foundation we believe that the provision of outstanding care should be the objective of every provider; the receipt of outstanding care should be the right of every individual who needs it.

If the principles of Holistic Kindness in Care were to be enshrined within the culture of all nursing and social care pathways, services would bring a better understanding and a more genuine improvement in care of people.

The Edith Ellen Foundation would like to ask everyone that delivers and receives care to stop for a moment, and to ask:

eee-9“Is the care we have now, the care that I want, for me, my loved ones and future generations, or should it be better”?

When the Foundation asked this question, there was a realisation we should never be complacent about care. In a “this is as good as it can be” attitude, there are no guarantees that each time care touches us, we will receive the same quality standard, because there is no National Standard or structure for delivering care.

The Foundation strongly believes that prevention, not reaction is the answer to abuse and neglect and despite the copious assurances from those that will have us think otherwise, it is simply not happening.

Our experiences has shown that where systems reflect dysfunction management leadership and disconnected team communications, beneficial incentives, tools and capabilities are being smothered by indifferent and insensitive attitudes and approaches to individual care.

However prevention will only start to happen once support is gathered for recognition of the good care givers and for assured training and support incentives that helps to build a:

  • Strong, Meaningful Purpose and Flexible Exceptional Core Branding
  • Unified, Empowered and Dedicated Care Culture of Excellence
  • Engaged Confident and Motivated Workforce
  • Ultimate Consistency that attracts Recognition and Staff and Client loyalty
  • Consistent Management System for Success and Outstanding Holistic Kindness in Care Services

Therefore the Edith Ellen Foundation’s Holistic Kindness in Care Strategy focuses on involving and bringing everyone together in the promise:

To assist in the prevent abuse, neglect and social isolation in care, through building and sharing management leadership and staff’s attitudes of warmth, compassion and kindness that promote, support and delivery good practices in holistic caring, and which by the recognition, acclaim and endurance of the finest grade of services and carers, retains the healthy respect, value and self-worth for the people in their care at all times.

We would like to invite you all, to join us, get involved and support and encourage the Foundation to take the chalice up on your behalf, and all of us together, working to achieve what we all need,- a better and sustainable care system that steadfastly promotes the consistency and the Holistic Kindness of Outstanding Care.