About Us

About The Edith Ellen Foundation

The Edith Ellen Foundation is an independent Volunteer run and lead Charity. Starting in Care Homes, but equally practical and helpful across a broad spectrum of care services, its objective is to serve care and improve the daily lives of all involved in the care industry – residents, family, managers and staff, associated integrated care professionals and organisations people in care, their families and the care industry.

The Edith Ellen, through its unique Kindness Audit, (a quantitate tool for designing services around people), its Kindness Charter and its Training Programme and Syllabus, our goals are to:

change the way people see care by providing one standard of care which everyone understands.

see achievable and sustainable improvements in consistent and safe care for all our frail and vulnerable people.

make the provision of outstanding care be the object of every care provider and the right of every individual that requires it.

Over the last three years we believe we have crafted much in the way of support for care, by seeking to proactively connect partnerships, bringing everyone together and involving them in the process to seek to find solutions which bring a consistent approach to Kindness and Pride in Care to the forefront of care duties.

At the heart of our support services is our ‘Kindness Audit.’ A quantitative and interactive review of the way a Care Home feels, operates and succeeds. Through considered dialogue with management, staff, residents and families we help them to understand what more could be done to make their environment a happier place in which to live and work.

Our Training Programme and Syllabus, is a valuable support resource. Setting down the parameters for a new standard in training care workers, in order to support them in providing a level of care which recognises the unique challenges the care sector faces when providing individual care services. We are looking towards accreditation for this programme in 2017, having verified savings on costs for staff sickness and recruitment, and consistent improvements in safety, respect and comfort for the residents in our pilot collaboration.

Our Kindness Charter sets out a belief that by positively embracing our process of dialogue and action care, in any setting, can generate many beneficial changes to improve life for all. The changes may be small, but the effects are huge in terms of the happiness of care for people and their families, and of course, promoting the value of outstanding care workers who understands the true meaning of consistent Kindness in Care.